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character fibre artist | illustrator | printmaker Aberdeen | Scotland



These cutie beasties will be available tonight (31 May) at 7pm BST! Just a little collection this month, but I've really enjoyed working on these piece - handsewing can be slow, but I enjoy the process so much, and it gives me 💯 control over what I make. My next beastie update won't be until July, but more exciting details on that coming soon! 🔥🔥🔥#overthegardenwall #sweettooth #fibreartist  created by Nicolpops with Nicolpops's original sound
Tonight (20 April) at 7pm (UK BST) I'll be launching my #SpookySpringArtParty collection! 🖤

I'm so proud of each artwork I've created for this collection, trying new concepts and techniques, as well as having fun and making each prompt my own.

What's your favourite beastie / print?
#fibreartist #scottishartist #collectordolls #dollartist #characterartist
We did it! It's the last couple of days of the #SpookySpringArtParty for this year, ending with the prompt #Halloween

So of course I had to make a pastel pink mini Ziggy bat, decorated with hand stitched floral motifs on their wings and a cute little pumpkin on their tummy! I'd say this cutie is the perfect blend of Spring and Halloween!

I'll take a group shot of all my prompts together later on, but for now just want to say thank you for following along with this little spooky spring prompt collection, it's been so amazing seeing everyone's art and discovering so many great artists that I can't wait to see even more work from!

Have a great weekend! 🖤
#SpookySpring2023 #fibreartist #scottishartist #dollartistoftiktok
Day 13 - 14 of the #SpookySpringArtParty is Winged!

So I've made the prince of darkness himself, Baphomet 😈😈😈

I made a larger red doll silimar to this beastie in the past and have wanted to remake it pretty much since then it's probably my favourite figure to make if you couldn't already tell 🖤 I think my cartoony style works really well with this character!

Just one more beastie to go for the Spooky Spring event, I can't believe it! I'm planning on launching this collection on 20 April. #hellfire #fibreart #dollmaker
Day 11 - 12 of the #SpookySpringArtParty is Magic!

I had to have a lino print design for the Spooky Spring Party, didn't I? And I've been wanting to do some tarot inspired lino prints for a while now (no I will not be making a full deck any time soon). The magic prompt was the perfect excuse to come up with a little moon tarot design. I see the moon as a positive card, representing creativity, reflection and new endeavours!

I love how the prints have loads of texture, each one is unique 😍 available on my next drop in both black and orange!
#linoprintprocess #tarotart #linocutprint
Day 9 - 10 of the #SpookySpringArtParty is Ghost!

Missing a deadline gives me the biggest anxiety (even made up deadlines) so I've JUST managed to finish this ghostie snuggle pal just in the nick of time! I will definitely need to take some decent photos during the day as the light has completely vanished in Scotland now, but I just had to share them now as they are so freaking cute!!!
#SpookySpring2023 #fibreartist #aberdeenartist #aberdeencreatives #scottishartist #toymaker #dollartist #characterdesign #characterartist #sculpture #creepycute #monsterart #ghost #hauntedhouse #monsterartist #creatureart #creepycuteart #nicolpops
Day 7 -8 of the #SpookySpringArtParty is Stephen King!

I was so freaking excited about this prompt, there are just so many options I could have chosen, but I decided to go out of my comfort zone and choose a "human" character - Wendy Torrance from The Shining.

I've always had a place in my heart for Wendy. She is a style ICON!!! All that layering 😍

This doll has lots of little embellished and hand painted details, a real delight to pick up and hold.

I haven't started the next prompt yet 😅 wish me luck, that ill have it ready for ya by Sunday/Monday!!
Day 5-6 of the #SpookySpringArtParty is Cryptid!

I've usually made a mothman for this prompt, but this time I wanted to revisit a character I haven't made for nearly three years: Cat-Sìth!

The legendary Cat-Sìth is a fairy creature originating from Celtic mythology. It is believed to appear as a large black cat, with a white spot on it’s chest, and it haunts the Scottish Highlands.

It walks on all fours around humans, but will stand up on hind legs when it’s not being watched.

The name Cat-Sìth translates as "Fairy cat" which I think is the cutest thing I've ever heard!!

There are quite a few legends with who this character is, but my favourite is that they are actually a witch transformed into a cat, forever stuck in this form. It was believed that witches can transform into cats & back eight times, but then on the nine time, they will be stuck as a cat forever - which could be where the cats have nine lives tale derives from.

I think that's pretty cool! Here's me originally thinking they were just a character from FinalFantasy 7 😅 I've always loved the Yoshitaka Amano art on the discs for the FF games, and think a lot of my inspiration stems from these games actually, they were my childhood!
#SpookySpring2023 #fibreartist #dollartist #catsith #folklore
Day 3-4 of the #SpookySpringArtParty is Forest!

This one I've actually wanted to make for so long, so this prompt was the perfect opportunity to create my vision of Pan, the great horned God of nature.

Handstitched together with a deep forest green faux sherpa and wool blend felt. The arms and legs are movable, as they are jointed with gorgeous coconut shell buttons.

I even hand sculpted and painted some pan pipes for them, which are attached to their little crochet bag.
#SpookySpring2023 #fibreartist #scottishartist #dollartist #folklore
Eeek it's finally here, day 1-2 of the #SpookySpringArtParty !

Prompt 1 is Spooky Movie / TV

For this one, my brain just about imploded as there was just too many choices, so I went for an old fave: Over the Garden Wall.

I decided to do a painting for this prompt, but if i have time before my next update, i'll turn this into one of my Froggy Long Legs fibre beasts! This is probably the most experimental I've been with paint, and I enjoyed it so much, I want to incorporate more painting in my life, even if its just for my own self care.

I used the HIMI gouache paints (they look like little tubs of jelly and come in super cute packaging which is why I got them in the first place). It was quite intimidating using them for the first time, but once I got started, I instantly fell in love. It's so great having all your colours open in front of you rather than having to faff about with paint tube lids etc.

I think I'll keep this one for myself, BUT I'll get some prints made in the near future, as I'm so proud of this piece!

I'll be keeping an eye on here to see everyone else's prompts, I'm so excited to see!

Prompts are released every other day, so see ya on Monday for prompt 2! #SpookySpring2023 #overthegardenwall
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