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Nicki Newell


🇺🇲 Artist and Illustrator living in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿



#marchmeetthemaker day 8 "Finishing Touches." I added some small details to the face, head and back and now this little summer forest spirit is finally done (hopefully summer will follow not far behind him). Finishing touches are so satisfying to add as it finally marks the end of a project, which I always have a hard time finding.

This little forest spirit is named "Coille" (pronounced coy-yeh roughly) which is the Gaelic word for "forest." He is a forest spirit that spends most of his days hopping around the base of trees in search of acorns or a berry bush while tending to the mushrooms and occasionally adding one to his collection. He is shy and will often disappear if spotted or if he senses a human presence nearby.

This little guy will be coming to my Etsy shop soon (unless a patron or ko-fi supporter snags it first) so keep a lookout for that in my stories.
#marchmeetthemaker2023 #marchmeetthemakerday8 #dollmaker #arttoy #needlefelt #needlefelting #artdoll #artfigure #textiletoy #designerarttoys
#marchmeetthemaker day 6 “Start the Day.” This is how my days start currently. I usually have good intentions of waking up earlier than my kids and getting some time to journal and gets my thoughts together so I can get more things done when I have down time…Hasn’t happened yet.

I love my kids and am so privileged to get to spend time with them but I also miss working and my primary job right now is being a mom. That’s okay, I know this season is temporary and they are only this little once. So for now I stay up too late and get stuff done after they are in bed and I hit snooze in the mornings. Maybe one day I’ll be more of a morning person and get to work in a little studio.
#m#marchmeetthemaker2023 m#marchmeetthemakerday6 m#momlife a#animation c#cuteanimation p#procreate p#procreateart momartist
Day 3 of #marchmeetthemaker (day 2 is on IG) and the prompt is "Snippet" so I thought I would share a small snippet of my embroidery process in real time. It's slow and a bit clumsy (in terms of finding the right spot) at times. This slow process really helps me to calm myself, my movements and thoughts. The process is a sort of meditation, a push and pull with the piece adding texture to color and finding ways to add to the painted canvas without covering up the beautiful blending of colors and layers.
#embroidery #embroideryprocess #embroideryart #embroideryartist #marchmeetthemaker2023 #abstractart #abstracttexture #abstracttexttiles
#marchmeetthemaker day 1 brand origins Hello #marchmeetthemaker ! Day 1 is Brand Origin.

I was trying to think of a way to capture my brand, which is...me, a complicated whole person that doesn't often fit into the nice little brand box. So I decided to take a series of brief self portraits with myself, my kids, my coffee, and some of my work. Even these small snapshots don't capture all of me but it's the closest I can come in a social media post I think.
At one point I wanted to be a writer and illustrate the worlds I was creating in my mind and largely that desire still drives my work. Through illustration I am able to give small glimpses into my inner world be that one of fantasy or the inner world of my thoughts and feelings as I work through things. If you've followed me for a while you might've noticed I break out of my normal content every once and while to post something more political or religious themed. Part of me and this part of my brand is coming from my childhood of being the oldest daughter of seven kids who were all homeschooled in an American Evangelical family. As I have grown I have begun to think through my childhood, the set of beliefs given to me and began to deconstruct and rebuild them. Naturally some of that deconstructing and rebuilding makes it into my work from time to time.

In thinking through some of this stuff and becoming a mom I have really started to listen to and better get to know my inner child. I have really tried to nurture her and in 2021 I was able to give her the dream of moving to Edinburgh Scotland. This caring for my inner child has caused me to turn more to crafting and creating physical objects with my hands which led me to working more with textiles. This year art toys and dolls have really caught my interest. The ability to create characters but in a more tangible way brings me such joy.
So, here I am in all my little parts that make up the larger picture of who I am: mother, illustrator, crafter, maker, fiber artist, needle felter, #americanexpat and #exvangelical
My art at 101 by @supportthemakers on Easter road. If you're local to Edinburgh go check it out as well as all the other beautiful art that the shop is filled to the brim with!
#supportthemakers #shoplocal #edinburghscotland #edinburgh #edinburghartist #edinburghshopping #ukartist #scottishtiktok #scotlandartist #ukmaker #shopsmall
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