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#SmashTheStereotype Tech events and work experience for teenage girls



If you’re thinking of applying for an apprenticeship, @The Tech Apprentice has some top tips for you!

Oyinda is a Digital and Technology Solutions apprentice at CAE Technology Services. She’s currently working as a network engineer and has previously tried out IT operations and data analytics as part of her IT consultancy apprenticeship.

Thank you Oyinda 💜

Follow her for more of her story, experience and advice!

#NAW2023 #SkillsForLife #NationalApprenticeshipWeek2023 #WomenInTech #TechApprenticeships #NetworkEngineers #ITConsultancy
Wanna get a free degree while developing your career AND getting paid?!

@hannah 🦋 studied Maths, Media and Business at A Level and now she’s enjoying all the benefits of her degree apprenticeship in project management at IBM.

If you’ve got any questions for Hannah, put them in the comments.

Follow her for more content about her journey into tech including really helpful tips on how to find and get your dream apprenticeship.

#NAW2023 #DegreeApprenticeships #TechApprenticeships #TechProjectManagement #FreeDegrees #GetPaidToLearn
If you can’t decide whether to go to university or straight into work, have you considered a degree apprenticeship?

@Erin wasn’t keen on the idea of choosing a subject and studying it for three years without knowing what it would be like to work in that industry. She’s found her degree apprenticeship gives her the best of both worlds and she’s able to apply learnings from her job to her studies and vice versa!

Erin studied Maths, Further Maths and English at A Level. A lot of data apprenticeships require a B in Maths and a C in a further STEM subject.

If you’ve got any questions for Erin, put them in the comments!

#NAW2023 #NationalApprenticeshipWeek2023 #DegreeApprenticeships #BreakIntoTechUK #DataAnalytics #WomenInTechnology #WomenInDataAnalytics #PostALevels #UniversityAlternative
2022 was an exciting year for NTG! 🎉 Here are a few of our highlights:

⭐ Emily joining as our new director
⭐ Running our first in-person work experience placements since 2020 with NBCUniversal and Sky
⭐ Designing our new (awesome) branding
⭐ Launching online events like workshops, Q&As and training courses
⭐ Going to tech conferences like
@websummit  in Lisbon and Women of Silicon Roundabout in London
⭐ Taking a Year 11 class to visit @Google ’s offices in London

Since September we've:

💥 Worked with over 450 girls
💥 Signed up over 150 schools to work with us
💥 Gained over 1500 new followers
💥 Shared stories from more than 40 women in tech

Thanks to everyone who got involved and supported our work last year, and all of you who followed us, liked or shared our posts! 💜

Shout-out to our creator and biggest supporter Empiric too, we couldn't do any of this without you! 💛

We've got loads of exciting plans and content for 2023 that we can't wait to share with you all. Follow us so you don’t miss out! 😉

#SmashTheStereotype  #WomenInTech  #DiversityInTech #GirlsInTechnology #GirlsInTech #TechTok #LifeAtGoogle #LifeAtSky #WorkExperience
Did you guess what they were talking about?!

Just a few hours in
@google ’s Kings Cross London office had these 30 year 11 students inspired to pursue careers in tech 💥

We think all the free snacks and buffet lunch might have had something to do with it… but they also loved touring the offices and speaking to women in different roles about #lifeatgoogle 💙❤️💛💚

Want to experience a career in tech to figure out if it’s for you? Get in touch!

#techtok #techtoktips #techcareers #googlelondon #compscistudents
Meet Mia Gordon, Software Engineering Apprentice at @mojgovuk 👋

She studied Events Management but switched into tech last year through an apprenticeship scheme. She loves that her team are always looking for better ways of doing things and recommends leaning on communities like ours to help you break into tech! 💜

Thank you, Mia 👏

#WomenInTech #RoleModels #GirlsInTech #TechCareers #SoftwareEngineers #TechTok
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