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Are you looking for enhanced focus while problem-solving or want to manifest dreams into reality? Or Are you looking for a crystal that will help balance and protect your energy? Then Fluorite is the stone for you! It helps to absorb and neutralize negative energies, clears overwhelming emotions, and boosts creativity. It also assists with spiritual development so you may better progress on your spiritual journey. It has calming, grounding properties that can bring peace of mind, clarity, and focus. With its ability to clear away mental obstacles such as confusion and overwhelming thoughts, it's perfect for when you're feeling stuck in life or want some extra focus on problem-solving or creativity pursuits. With Fluorite in your life, you'll be able to make the most of every moment and manifest your deepest desires.

Meditating with Fluorite enhances mental clarity, concentration, and focus, & helps with decision-making.

Wearing Fluorite
#jewelry is believed to improve mental clarity and lower stress and anxiety. Its ability to increase intuition and creativity is said to enhance concentration and decision-making. With Fluorite's powerful ability to absorb and dissipate negative energies, you can feel grounded and focused on your goals.

Carry a Fluorite tumbled stone with you throughout the day to help calm the mind, improve focus, and enhance creativity. Fluorite is also believed to help with emotional healing, aiding in the release of negative emotions and traumas that can often hold us back.

Place a piece of Fluorite next to your bed or on your work desk to help keep you focused. You can also place Fluorite in the four corners of your home to create a protective shield against negative energies. Placing the stone on windowsills will protect your home from outside influences as well.

Cleanse Fluorite regularly, as it absorbs energy. I would not cleanse or place your Fluorite in water and even more specifically salt water.

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Fluorite is a calcium fluoride, that belongs to the Halide mineral family, a group of minerals that consists of metals combined with common halogen elements. When Fluorite is in its most pure form, it is colorless and transparent. Fluorite can be found in many colors including blue, green, pink, yellow, and purple. Purple and Green are the classic colors of fluorite, Blue fluorite is quite rare and collectors are looking for it. Brilliant yellow is very rare as well. Pink, black, and colorless are the rarest fluorite colors.

Fluorite can be found in many different kinds of shapes like cubes and octahedrons and it is fluorescent under UV light.

Fluorite is primarily mined alongside Silver and Lead, as a part of the rock surrounding the ores, or in Granite and Marble mines. Fluorite is found in pockets or veins of minerals along with calcite, quartz, and barite. They can also occur in pegmatite cavities in sedimentary rocks. Fluorite deposits formed millions of years ago when hot water containing fluorine and other dissolved elements and minerals rose from deep within the Earth during the Jurassic Period. The hot water then flowed through faults and fractures in limestone formed earlier in the Mississippian Period. When the hot water mixed with calcium-rich limestone, the temperatures were at just the right point for fluorite to crystallize along the fault walls and in layers parallel to the limestone. The host rock is eventually weathered away and replaced with Fluorite.

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness fluorite grades at a 4, which makes it relatively soft and easy to cut.

Today Fluorite is mined from many different locations around the world. Some of the most significant finds are in Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

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Are you experiencing toxic emotions like fear and frustration that are weighing you down and leaving you feeling drained? If you want to reignite your spirit, reawaken your passion, and unleash your creativity in all areas of your life, then the Aquamarine stone is the crystal that can help.
Aquamarine is a powerful crystal that can help to dispel these negative emotions, allowing you to have more positive thoughts and feelings. It can also be used to clear mental clutter and enhance clarity of mind. Use it as a tool for creative problem-solving or simply meditate with it while setting an intention for peace and serenity in your life.

Aquamarine can be used to aid in meditation, as it helps one find spiritual truth. It is known for its ability to bring inner peace, instill trust and promote self-expression. It brings harmony with nature and encourages the dissolution of negative energy. This gemstone carries a very high vibration that can bring about healing on all levels. It can help to open up intuition and spiritual communication, as well as being a very powerful stone for healing emotional wounds. Visualize yourself surrounded by its calming energies as you practice deep breathing during meditation, allowing it to wash away any negative thoughts or feelings.

Wearing Aquamarine
#jewelry can enhance creativity, communication, and spiritual awareness. It is said to bring mental clarity, help with problem-solving and decision-making, and even increase confidence.

Carry an Aquamarine tumbled stone with you throughout the day to bring a sense of inner peace and contentment. It can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry while simultaneously boosting feelings of joy, optimism, and hope. It is said to be connected to the ocean which brings with it energies of truth, serenity, and healing.

Place a piece of aquamarine in your home, office, or personal space to bring peace, harmony, and protection. Place aquamarine in your bedroom to help bring healing and calming energies, or near your front door to ward off any negative energy.

#aquamarine #healingcrystals #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalshop #howtouse #aquamarinejewelry #crystaltok
Aquamarine is the blue variety of Beryllium aluminum silicate or Beryl, and is very closely related to Emerald only difference is the color. Aquamarine gets its coloring from iron inclusions but its color saturation also depends on the impurity concentration and location in the specimen. Aquamarine ranges from light blue to bluish-green color and its transparency is usually opaque but can range up to transparent. The more valuable specimens are those showing a lighter blue hue with high transparency.

Aquamarine is a form of Beryl which is a clear mineral formed from beryllium, aluminum, silica, and oxygen. Sometimes it is able to form in metamorphic rocks but it can also sometimes be found in granite. When giant bodies of granitic magma cool very slowly, Aquamarine and its other forms of Beryl grow within the pegmatite veins where hot water that is saturated with minerals and metals is present. When magma interacts with pegmatites that are rich in minerals, the heat of the pegmatites from the magma is what causes the formation of Aquamarine. Almost all Aquamarines are formed within pegmatites. It is also possible to find this stone within high-temperature hydrothermal veins where tungsten and tin minerals are present.

Aquamarine is mined at its primary deposit, found in small veins of host rock or on the walls of cavities, deep underground. Aquamarine is found in mines all over the world, but never in sufficient quantities to warrant its own mine. Instead, it is regarded as a secondary mineral, alongside other minerals such as Black Tourmaline. Aquamarine crystals typically form columnar, hexagonal prisms. They can also form in clusters of hexagonal crystals and other shapes.

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness aquamarine grades from a 7.5 to an 8. Aquamarine is found all over the world, some of the most notable finds come from Afghanistan, Angola, Austria, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, United States, and Vietnam.

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How to use Unakite: Are you feeling stuck in life and looking for something to help you move forward? Looking for a powerful stone to help you heal emotionally and foster strong relationships? Unakite is the stone of new beginnings that helps to bring balance, grounding, and healing. Unakite is an extremely powerful healer that can help you recognize, confront, and release any negative emotions or thoughts. This healing crystal will not only cleanse away stagnant energy but also heal past emotional wounds, allowing you to raise your self-image and start anew with a positive outlook. It promotes strong relationships while also assisting in ending bad habits so you can foster self-love.

Meditating with Unakite can be a powerful tool to explore the connection between heart and mind. It is believed that this stone helps to open our minds and hearts so we can more easily understand how our emotions influence our thoughts, decisions, and actions. Unakite also serves as an excellent grounding stone for spiritual work, helping us to stay centered in the present​​.

Wearing Unakite
#jewelry can promote emotional balance and grounding, as well as enhance feelings of love and compassion. Unakite promotes harmony between the mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to release negative energy and find inner peace. If you are looking for emotional stability and inner strength, unakite jewelry is an excellent choice.

Carry a Unakite tumbled stone with you throughout the day when you need support, comfort and stability. Unakite is believed to enhance your intuition and help you make decisions with clarity and awareness. It can also helps to clear away energy blockages in the body so that healing can occur.

Place a piece of unakite near your computer or in your wallet to attract positive energies of abundance. You can also use it for your manifesting goals and intentions by carrying a piece with you. Use unakite’s powerful energy to help ground yourself and stay focused on your dreams.

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Let’s talk about the geology of Unakite

Unakite is coarse-grained granite, an igneous rock that undergoes metamorphism that later reveals pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and clear quartz. It is a metamorphic rock that is formed when granite is altered through hydrothermal activity. During the metamorphism process, the plagioclase in the granite is replaced by epidote. Unakite can be found in deformed rocks at convergent plate boundaries where granites formed deep within the earth are metamorphosed and then later exposed through weathering and erosion. It can also occur where nearby fractures deliver hydrothermal fluids that alter the granite.

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness Unakite grades at a 6 to 7.

Unakite is usually mined from secondary deposits, and most of it that are currently on the market is actually pebbles gathered from the shores of Lake Superior. Other deposits are found in river valleys after being washed downstream from their primary deposit in the mountains. The most notable deposits of Unakite are found in the United States (Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and along the shores of Lake Superior). Other Deposits have also been discovered in Brazil, China, Sierra Leone, and South Africa.

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Do you have a hard time expressing yourself confidently and clearly? Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? If so, Blue Lace Agate may be the perfect stone for you. This beautiful calming stone not only relieves your mind of overwhelming thoughts, but also helps unlock creativity and encourages inner courage so that you can express yourself more confidently. Plus, it aids mental clarity and clears any communication blocks, so you can say what’s on your mind without fear. It also helps unlock creativity within change, bringing forth new ideas and inspiring you to reach your full potential.

Meditating with Blue Lace Agate can bring a feeling of calm and serenity, allowing for better communication with your spiritual guides and the Universe. It helps us connect to our intuition, allowing us to find solutions that are in alignment with our highest good.

Wearing Blue Lace Agate
#jewelry can also helps us learn how to communicate express ourselves with empathy and kindness, and gives us confidence when speaking our truth.

Carry a Blue Lace Agate tumbled stone with you throughout the day when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Keep the stone in your pocket, handbag or car and use it to focus on its properties when needed. By doing this, will be able to draw from Blue Lace Agate's tranquil vibrations whenever necessary.

Placing Blue Lace Agate around your home or workspace can help you to maintain a peaceful and calming atmosphere. It can also be used to break any stagnant energy that may have built up in the area. You can use it to focus on communication, allowing you to express your thoughts with clarity and openness. Its gentle vibrations are perfect for breaking through blocks associated with creativity or inspiration.

To cleanse, Blue Lace Agate is a water-safe crystal as we know from the Mohs hardness scale it has a 7, so you can hold your stone under running water to cleanse. You can also use your preferred method of smoke cleansing, soil from the earth, sound cleansing, or placing it underneath a full moon.

#bluelaceagate #agate #crystals #healingcrystals #crystalshop #bluecrystal #minerals #agate #calming #innerpeace #intuition #throatchakra
Blue Lace Agate is a form of variegated Chalcedony, known for its striking blue and white patterns. This type of agate is distinguished by its predominantly light blue banded layers, which have also been observed to contain bright blue, white, and brown hues.

Blue Lace Agate is a light blue mineral with a fine interlaying of colorless agate banding. It is also known to include brown hues within the agate banding. It appears blue for the same reason the sky appears blue. The light blue coloring in this crystal is thought to be a result of a physics phenomenon called Rayleigh Scattering.

Agates are most commonly found as nodules within the cavities of volcanic rocks. These cavities form from the gases trapped within the liquid volcanic material forming vesicles. Cavities are then filled in with silica-rich fluids from volcanic material, and layers deposited on the walls of the cavity slowly work their way inwards. This process is what causes the banding in Agates.

On the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness Blue Lace Agate grades at a 7

Most of the Blue Lace Agate is available today came from one specific mine in Nambia: Ysterputs. This mine was 'discovered' and named Blue Lace Agate in the 1960s. While a few similar deposits of Agate have been found, nothing compares to the Blue Lace Agate that was produced by Ysterputs. Since 2017 this mine has no longer been in operation. New veins are discovered on occasion in the area, but it is likely that this crystal will be fully extracted soon.

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