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Native Monarchs


Non-profit with a mission to help save Monarch Butterflies & other pollinators.

DAY OF THE DEAD and the Monarch Butterfly Connection
🦋✨ On November 2nd, we celebrate Día de Los Muertos (or Day of the Dead), a vibrant Mexican tradition that beautifully blends indigenous and Catholic beliefs about life and death. It's a day to honor our loved ones who have passed away and to embrace the concept of life's transitions. At Monarch Botanika, we find a special connection between this day and the Monarch butterfly, a symbol that is deeply intertwined with our culture and an essential part of our ecosystem.
🌼 The marigold flowers, also known as "cempasúchil" or "flor de muerto," serve as a reminder of life's brevity and are believed to guide our ancestors to their altars. Sugar skulls and ofrendas adorned with photos and favorite foods of our departed loved ones entice their spirits to visit us.
🦋 But the Monarch butterfly holds a unique place in this tradition. To the ancient Purépecha people, these beautiful creatures were seen as the souls who have passed over to the afterlife, returning during their incredible 3,000-mile migration from northern Canada to Michoacán, Mexico, which coincides with the Day of the Dead. It's a mesmerizing and heartwarming belief that still resonates in our hearts today, that the Monarch butterflies are the spirits of our loved-ones and ancestors returning every year to elaborate celebrations that are part of Mexican traditions.
🌱 Monarch Botanika and our non-profit partner, Native Monarchs, is deeply committed to Monarch butterfly conservation, and we offer products crafted with Milkweed Seed Oil, a plant crucial for their survival. This Día de Los Muertos, we invite you to support our cause by taking 25% off your purchase using the code: MIGRATION2023 By choosing our products, you contribute to building essential butterfly habitats, helping these magical creatures thrive and return to their overwintering sites every year.
🌍 The Monarch butterflies, recently declared a “vulnerable” species, play a vital role as pollinators in our ecosystems. It won’t be until 2024 for a ruling to come from Fish & Wildlife Services as to their potential “endangered” status, but their immediate future remains uncertain due to habitat destruction and climate change. Let's come together and ensure they are not destined to ofrendas in the future, and the cultural richness and heritage is lost. Celebrate the Day of the Dead by helping to preserve the meadows of North America for breeding and the forests of Mexico for hibernating. Both are critical for their survival!
Visit MonarchBotanika.com and use code: MIGRATION2023 to honor this tradition, conserve the Monarchs, and make a difference this Día de Los Muertos. 💫🦋
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