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Re/Imagine Podcast


Startup Tips & Advice for Entrepreneurs & Innovators✨imagine.nfg.com/podcast

InsurTech Hartford Symposium 2023 brought together (and reunited) thought leaders, innovators, and professionals from across the insurance and technology industries to discuss the latest impacts, trends, and developments in #Insurtech .

Attendees had the chance to engage with experts and exchange ideas with peers on digital transformation, investor insights, and emerging technologies - to name a few. Seeing the creativity and ingenuity on display was inspiring, and we're excited for what's next!

While on the show floor, Paul and Laura invited industry leaders and community partners to sit down and share their key takeaways from the conference. Watch the video and tune into The Re/Imagine Podcast to hear more! #IHS2023 #retiretech @Ema | Digital Transformation
#Medicarians2023 was full of new connections, powerful content and the opportunity to spend time with our team. #Retiretech #medicare #fieldagents
Public spaces are full of possibility and innovation. Next time youre walking in #hartford or #nyc pay attention to which way the benches are facing, and how physical space creates the opportunity for people to gather. You may find that thr swings play songs or the number of steps between the trashcans is just long enough for someone to enjoy a hotdog. #placemaking #innovation #community
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