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Matt Nagin


Writer and comedian living in Alabama & NYC. More @ mattnagin.com

Today is the four year anniversary of my grandma's death. Wow. The time has really gone by fast!

What a crazy night! An hour before I was scheduled to give a speech at a Crohn's and Colitis Foundation event at The Garden City Hotel my grandma passed away suddenly...at the event. She had a huge influence on me and we were very close so it was shocking.

I ended up making the speech and dedicating the award to my grandma. We also played the rap video on Crohn's disease I created, "Illest MC," with the help of some very talented people tagged here. If you didn't see it yet, the video is below. I also put a link to the Flava Flava Cameo for Lil Crohn$y in the comments as well as Lil Crohn$y t-shirts that are now on Bellow The Collar and the track on Bandcamp (all proceeds go to The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation). So please buy a t-shirt or the track itself if you can and support this very important cause!

For those that don't know, I've had Crohn's disease for over thirty years (I was diagnosed at age 13 but I had symptoms for a few years before that). Over that span, I had three surgeries, numerous procedures/drugs, and many periods of real difficulty and suffering. Fortunately, owing to a new holistic protocol, I have been drug-free and in remission for two years.

Although things are better for me, I know how difficult Crohn's Disease can be and created this rap to raise awareness in a lighthearted, humorous way.

If you enjoyed please share! Have a great day!
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