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#Kidlit Author, Book Blogger, Toker, Instagram.com/nadiasalomon.author

#Storytime with Friends! Can't thank Mr. Peter Limata and his team for inviting us to share our book #GoodnightGanesha with the pediatric unit @ucsfchildrens Hospitals in San Francisco and Oakland!

"STORYTIME FRIENDS brings the joy of storytelling and the power of community to children in hospitals and care-giving facilities through a diverse #readaloud series that includes conversations with picture book creators. We also provide free copies of our featured books to kids."

We're thrilled to share our book, Goodnight Ganesha with this inaugural program with UCSF Children's Hospitals in the Bay Area! For more information, visit Mr. Peter Limata and Story Time Friends at: https://www.storytimefriendsread.com/

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#picturebook #FYP #kidsbooktok #ucsfbenioffchildrenshospital #sanfrancisco #Oakland #booksforacause
Celebrate Grandparents! Check out these titles, including my own #picturebook #GoodnightGanesha! Illustrated by #PoonamMistry and released by @penguinrandomhouse . Our book celebrates family, #grandparents , has intergenerational relationships in it, and makes for a great #bedtimeroutine story! It's not only an ode to #GoodnightMoon , but an inclusive story that shows the universality of bedtime aroud the world. It's becoming a new classic bedtime book. We're so moved by this! Check out the other titles we're paired with. So humbled to be in such great company! #SouthAsianBooks #southasianbookstagram Music courtesy of #pixabaymusic
#SAYMYNAME #authorlife post.

I had been meaning to create this video for a while. And there's no better time than the present to share resources available about my authorship. Hope you enjoy this video I created from the audio pronunciation on my author page on Teaching Books. Take a listen to how to pronounce and say my name. There's also a little backstory too about the meaning of my name. Thought it would be funny to share all the names I've been called other than #Nadia and the phonetic sounds I've heard.

Drop in the comments your near close names or phonetic sounds for your names! I'd love to see your names.

#authortok #teachersoftiktok #teachersofbooktok #librariansoftiktok #librariansofbooktok #elementarylibrarymediaspecialist #librarymediaspecialist

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Calling all kidlit illustrators and authors who doodle! The @therealscbwi SF North and East Bay Regional Conference, OKTOBERFEST just opened for regstration. And we're looking for
#illustrations to place on our masthead and conference materials!

The deadline to submit illustrations for the @scbwisfneb #oktoberfest23 #MastheadContest is fast approaching!

See what our 2019 Masthead Winner, #JohnLedda, is up to!
Contests like these help elevate your work.

Illustrators and Authors - what are your burning questions for John? Drop them in the comments. We want to hear from you!

#Submit #scbwievent #illustrators #scbwiillustrators #illustrationcontest #kidlit #kidlitart #kidlitillustration #oktoberfest2023 #johnledda #prepublished #scbwi #authors #doodlers #selfpublishing #picturebookillustrator #childrensbookillustrator #writersconference

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Happy 2nd Anniversary to my debut, #goodnightganesha ! It's gorgeously illustrated by #poonammistry . Released by @penguinrandomhouse ! Can't thank you all enough for supporting our book, posting about our book, buying our book, requesting it for your libraries, championing it, and keeping it on the bookshelves. We are so grateful for all the #Booklove we've been receiving. Our biggest ask is for more #bookreviews as we continue to celebrate our book. Again, without ALL of you, this dream would not be possible! #BookBirthday #booktok #booktokfyp #picturebooktok #penguinkids Music courtesy of @pixabay
#BooksForMaui I donated three items to this relief effort! Even though I've been super busy, I paused to help, because Hawai'i has a special place in my heart. I have a #picturebook #critique , a signed copy of my book, #GoodnightGanesha , and a free #virtualschoolvisit . It's all part of the #BooksForMauiAuction . The #Schoolvisit is open to schools in the US and Internationally. Check out my auction links here and help me with this endeavor. I'd love for everyone to help me reach #teachersontiktok #librariansoftiktok and the#WritingCommunity : https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/111641/auctions/148492?t=search&v=nadia+salomon

The auction ends Friday at midnight HST. Thank you to everyone who has bid so far.

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#authorlife Post!

Hi Friends! Hope your summer's going well? Mine is flying by...

While traveling last week, I never had time to post this video. Seeing I had a little help from Davina @books_inc Stores with shooting this video, I didn't want to waste Davina's efforts. Now, this is 'technically' a #throwback or #later post.

However the last pix in the #reelsinstagram is current! By the time I returned from my trip, Lindsay, the store manager, sent me a pix of #GGInTheWild on Compass' New and Notable bookshelf!

THANK YOU so much Lindsay for the update and for putting GG on your bookshelves at @sanfranciscoairport in Terminal 3!

GG is written by me, illustrated by the amazing @poonammistryart. Released on #vikingbooks (@penguinrandomhouse )!

If you're traveling and flying @united , be sure to drop by and check out Compass Books and GG in the wild! They have a really nice selection of kids books! ❤️

#localauthor #airportbookstore #bookstorefinds #bedtimestory #igtvvideo #booktok #goodnightganesha

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Supporting my #illustrator friend, @ariadelsole --- she's in a video about voting.

"If we are able to address those needs, then everybody benefits. You just have to find whatever your voice is. Whether it's spoken or written or art, movement, whatever your special something is...use that to bring people together for democracy. Discrimination does not affect everybody in the same way. I'm inspired by the next generation's desire for change. Sometimes change is slower than we want it go. Everything that we do, does make a difference. Keep at it, keep going, and persevere." - Nadia Fisher

REPOST from @ariadelsole

"Y’all know voting rights are important to me, and I want to thank @votedotorg for including me in this message to the next generation of voters. Check out the amazing @miuradorable and @votedotorg . Don’t forget to register to vote if you haven’t already 💓"

Posted @withregram • @votedotorg Vote.org teamed up with social activists Miura Rempis (@miuradorable) and Nadia Fisher (@ariadelsole) to send a message to the next generation of voters & civil rights activists: Every election, your rights could be on the ballot. Get ready. Get set. Get out to vote. ✌️ 🗳️ #vote #gotv #message

#votedotorg #authoractivist #NadiasWhoIllustrate #GetOutandVote #civilrightsactivist #TheBookofNadias

This #picturebook is beautifully written and illustrated. Tugged at my heart, made me cry, and brought back floods of memories when I first heard about Ryan White, his fight, and could only imagine what his life was like. A young kid, finding himself in a position to advocate for his rights to go to school and learn, to get care, all while battling AIDS, when nothing was known about the disease. I hugged this book, because I am reading this from a mom's perspective and I can't imagine what it must have been like for his mom and to lose her child at such a young age.

Highly recommend this title.


Written by @dano_moreno_ @
Illustrated by @hannahabboillo
Published by @albertwhitmanco

Even after he was diagnosed with AIDS, Ryan White never lost hope.

When Ryan White was diagnosed with AIDS as a teenager in 1984, doctors gave him just six months to live. With the time he had left, all he wanted was to lead a normal life, go to school, and spend time with friends. Instead, he faced discrimination from people who didn't understand his illness—but he didn’t let that stop him. Ryan kicked off a heroic battle to educate the world about a disease that was spreading rapidly and killing more and more people each year. By sharing his story, he helped change the conversation and raise awareness of an epidemic that still affects us today.

#childrensbook #kidactivist #kidlit #AIDS #AIDSAwareness #beingbrave #friendship #BuildingCommunity #mustread #nadiasnook #nadiasnookreads #Kidsbooktok

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Won Review Copy from Author Giveaway
Calling all kidlit authors and illustrators! The @therealscbwi SF North and East Bay Regional Conference, OKTOBERFEST is back in person after nearly FOUR year! And have we got an amazing conference planned for you! We're kicking off announcements with the amazing @maggietokudahall ! She's going to be our Keynote Speaker. We're so thrilled to have her be a part of our big, popular event! More announcements soon! #kidlit #prepublished #SCBWI #pbauthor #mgauthor #yaauthor #selfpublishing #picturebookillustrator #writersconference
#bookpromotion tips... Be yourself and don't be afraid to introduce yourself no matter where you go. You'd be surprised how a bookstore manager responds... While on my way to a trip, I stopped by @CompassbooksSFO @flysfo Terminal 3 to ask if they could order copies of #goodnightganesha , written by me, illustrated by #poonamistry, released on #vikingbooks @penguinrandomhouse ! The store manager said yes. Ordered a copy and asked me to help promote the book will be in their store. I was invited to sign copies when they arrive and to schedule a read. I'm superstoked and looking forward to signing copies and storytime! Can’t wait to read in my pjs and possibly do an airport camp out! #localauthor #airportstorytime #summerreading #bedtimestory #goodnightbook #GGIntheWild Music courtesy of Hanson #mmmbop
Besties Dance Off #FYP #besties4life - One of my besties sent me this video reminder to be free! I can't stop cracking up every single time I watch this. It makes my heart so happy, because this dance off totally captures us! Drop your comments with your bestie who makes you feel this amped up! We definitely share the same vibes! Tchus to friendship and sisterhood!
OKTOBERFEST Venue Tour - Stay in the know with what's happening for our OKTOBERFEST - my @therealscbwi SF North East Bay region's Regional Conference. Follow me on socials as I share the planning process! After nearly FOUR years on hiatus, thanks to you know what...we're finally going to be back IN PERSON!! Check out the tour I took with my Regional Advisor, Dean, and Julie, from the Roundhouse Conference Center! This is just a taste of what the venue will be like. We're planning logistics, we'll be announcing faculty soon, we're planning some really exciting events, and want you to save the date of Saturday, October 21st! I'll be posting about any new developments as we get closer and closer to the date. While you're planning for summer, we're planning for OKTOBERFEST! Drop comments, thoughts or questions. I'll be sure to answer as best as I am able! #scbwi #scbwisfneb #scbwievent #oktoberfest2023 #scbwiillustrators #writingcommunity #writingcommunityoftiktok #writersconference #sanfranciscowritersconference #BTS #Conferenceplanning

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Look at #FanArt #legoart ! There is nothing more heartwarming than when friends make fan art for your book! Thank you for the lego art Cyra Africa!

Cyra created this scene from my book, Goodnight Ganesha! The book is gorgeously illustrated by UK illustrator, Poonam Mistry! The story follows and celebrates the nighttime rituals of two young children visiting their grandparents in India. Released by #vikingbooks #Penguinkids @penguinrandomhouse .

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do! #booktok #Booktokfyp

Music Courtesy of #Pixabay
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