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My Meditation Marathon


🤍 Meditation 🤍 Mindfulness 🤍 Spiritual Awakening



1️⃣If you are a beginner, ideally, one should practise #Vipassana at a very quite place.

2️⃣The meditator should sit quiety and peacefully with legs crossed (your leg position isn’t that important when you re just starting your meditation journey). One should sit straight while meditating since an arched back would soon induce pain (and this is really important, you back should always be straight).

3️⃣Set up a time for your meditation session, it can anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes.

4️⃣It is very important for one to relax and let the body be at ease while meditating.

5️⃣Once the body feels like it has settled, the meditator should try focusing on the “triangle area” of your nose and nostrils. Breathing should be chosen as the primary object of meditation.

6️⃣You should constantly observe your breathing. You inhale, you exhale, don’t force, just breathe naturally. What you are looking for is the physical, tactile sensation of the air that passes in and out of the nostrils.

7️⃣It is natural for the mind to wander off and the best way to deal with it is gently, but firmly, without getting upset or judging yourself for straying return to the simple, physical sensation of breath (it can be anything: tickling sensation, cold/heat sensation, sensation of the air touching your skin, you name it). Then do it again the next time, and again, and again, and again.

8️⃣By focusing on your #breath your are preparing yourself for the next stage of vipassana meditation where you meditate longer and focus on the body sensation (you start from your head, following with face, neck, shoulders, front, belly, back, spine, right arm, and so on). You keep going until you observe sensation on the every single part of your body. When you finish, start over. Starting from feet to head. And again. And again.

9️⃣ We start by becoming totalIy aware of one small unit of time, just one single inhalation. #vipassanabuddhaland #vipassana #meditationjourney
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