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Day 29: Solar Power Water & Power Centre!

I took on this massive project to raise money to build a solar power water and power centre in Ramadan! The cost for this is $35,000 so I need to raise over a $1000 every day 😳. If you have zakat or sadaqah to pay this month, please consider donating towards this massive project! The link to donate is in my bio ❤️. Jazak’Allah khairun, may Allah accept your efforts!


Solar Water and Power Centres are a sustainable answer to the water crisis in many countries.

@pennyappealca will be using sustainable, green technologies to bring clean water to people in need. These Solar Water and Power Centres supply water to the homes of up to 1,500 people and 1,000 livestock, as well as supplying electricity and power to schools and mosques!
These Solar Water and Power Centres supply people with a reliable source of water right within their communities, so they no longer have to travel great distances to collect water or rely on questionable water sources for drinking and washing. Equipped with large water tankers, capable of holding mass quantities of water, these wells assure that freshwater is readily available for everyone throughout the community. People can easily pump water from the tank through a solar pump, eliminating any difficulty from the process of gathering water.

A Solar Water and Power Centre costs $35,000 to build and with the help of generous donors, we can transform communities together!

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Learn Quranic Arabic in 30 days!

I love reciting the Quran but I feel incomplete and guilty because I am not able to fully benefit from this miracle that Allah has blessed us with.

Allah says “Do they not then reflect on the Quran? Or are there locks upon their hearts?” [47:24]

I want to get to a point where every word that I recite from the Quran can benefit my heart, soul and quality of life.

With the right intentions, Allah rewards us with guidance and knowledge. I feel that this “30 Day Quranic Arabic Course” by @learnarabicdaily1 is exactly that. Through this course, we will gain understanding of Quranic Arabic in just 30 days! It will teach you 20 Arabic concepts and apply them to each Juz in the Quran. So, the goal this Ramadan is to not only recite the full Quran in 30 days but to also gain understanding of it, InshaAllah!

It starts at the perfect time when all believers are looking to improve their connection with Allah SWT in the blessed month of Ramadan. The course is for those who want to develop a direct relationship with Allah through His book. You do not need prior knowledge of the Arabic language, you only need to know the Arabic alphabet and want to improve your understanding of the Quran.

The course registration link is in my bio @mylittlealim but it ends on March 22! Don’t wait because we are going to make this the best Ramadan ever, InshaAllah!”


“Let’s Get Ready For Ramadan” is a series where I’m showing you the different ways I’m preparing my home and myself physically, spiritually and mentally for Ramadan. I hope to inspire you to get ready for the blessed month as well!

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