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Go to: www.fertility-nutritionist.com -> balance hormones and get pregnant🤰🌈

Are you eating super “clean”, like all the kale, with all the seeds, cutting out gluten, dairy, alcohol and coffee, but still not getting your period or getting pregnant? 🤷🏻‍♀️

As a fertility dietitian, one of the biggest mistakes I see women make is assuming that “healthy” eating is enough to support healthy hormones, regular cycles and fertility.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple.

Eating “clean” or what we’re taught to believe is “healthy” can (sometimes) be a great start - if it means focusing on real, whole foods.

However, fertility nutrition only *starts* there.

If you’re not getting enough in total, but also not enough of *each* energy-giving macronutrient - protein, carb and fat - in the right balance to support steady blood sugar levels, then your brain sounds the sirens and shuts down ovulation.

The only way to get your hormones in balance for regular cycles, easier conception and a healthy pregnancy is to make sure you’re getting the right *quality* and *quantity* of each macronutrient. ☝🏼

How much of each macro varies from body to body, depending on: height, weight, activity level, health history and genetics, just to name a few variables.

If your cycles are irregular (<25 days or >35 days), or if you’re struggling to get & stay pregnant, then you need a new strategy.

As a fertility dietitian 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m here to help you restore your cycles so you can get your baby.

Apply for a free fertility strategy session to get started. Follow the link in bio. 🔗

Rooting for you 💛,

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I totally get wanting to take control of your PCOS.

Your doctor told you to “diet and exercise” so you’re determined to be “good”, eating squeaky clean - cutting out all the good stuff - bread, sweets, chips, even fruit.

The thing is, even for cysters, “perfect” eating ≄ healthy eating.

When you get too strict, if you deprive your body of the nutrients you need (the nutrients needed for hormone balance to manage your PCOS!)- you can do more harm than good. ⚠️

Deprivation always backfires. You get worn down from a long day and the forbidden fruit becomes irresistible. Once you’ve had one bite, it’s all over. You’re stuffing your face until the bag is empty.

Maybe it’s time to try a more balanced approach. ⚖️

Sure, there are some foods that in general are not “good” for *any* of us - you know, like aspartame in diet coke, the trans fats that keep a twinkie from ever getting stale or the red food dye that stains your fingers so the whole world knows you ate a Dorito.

Even with these foods, *never* is probably too extreme.

Instead, I say *limit* for times when you really really want it and its 100% worth it.

Allow yourself to enjoy foods you love, just for the joy of it, and spare yourself the shame of binging.

Start nourishing yourself for better hormone balance (and fertility!) with PCOS, with the free meal plan I made for you.

Link in bio 👆

Rooting for you,

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My doctor told me that without a period, fertility treatments were my only option.

This wasn’t true. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Here’s what I stopped doing that helped me start menstruating regularly, so I could get pregnant naturally:

1️⃣ Over doing the cardio.

My idea of a relaxing Saturday morning was going for a 3-4 hour run. Even on vacation, I never gave myself a break.

I had to slow my roll - I had to switch from forcing myself to go go go, to making rest an equal priority.

Oh and finding other fun hobbies, like brunch 😜

2️⃣ Ignoring my gut health.

After my doctors left me empty-handed, with no option other than fertility treatments, I went an alternate route to find answers, only to discover I had Celiac disease.

Although strongly linked to infertility in the medical literature, my doctors never even suggested it to me...

3️⃣ Trying to eat less.

I filled my belly with bubbly water and survived on popcorn and apples. I really thought I was being super healthy... and it "worked" in my 20's.

But in my 30's, when I was ready to make a baby, my body put its foot down and demanded real nourishment.

Do you want clear, trustworthy guidance about what it will take for YOU to restore hormone balance?

FERTILE IN FIVE is my 5-step coaching program that walks you through exactly what you should do, so you can take control of your fertility and have the peace of mind that you’re doing everything “right”. 📖

Get started with a free fertility strategy session - link in bio.

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Why is no one telling you this?

No more gatekeeping, team.

You deserve to know.

You deserve to know that if your period is missing or your cycles are irregular, whether that’s due to PCOS, HA or you have no idea why, that nutrition & lifestyle to truly heal your hormones is CRITICAL to baby-making success. ➡️🤰🏻

Get this, for ovulatory infertility, nutrition is statistically TWICE as effective as around of IVF!

After one round of IVF (for women under 35 y.o.), you only have a 32.7% chance of live birth.

More promising is the fertility diet, shown to reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility by 66% among women who had been struggling to conceive, ages 25-42.

Even better, my FERTILE IN FIVE program has a 92% healthy baby success rate.

Why is my program so effective?

Because rather than putting a bandaid on the problem with exogenous hormones, we restore your hormone health from the inside out.

We ask WHY your cycles are off and address the root cause. ☝🏼

No more one-size-fits-all treatments with dismal prospects that put you through the wringer physically, emotionally and financially.

It’s time to get the solutions you deserve - solutions that put you in control of your fertility journey by equipping you with the tools for lifelong health.

To get started, schedule a free fertility strategy session. 🔗 in bio.

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