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Danielle Aubin, LCSW


Online Therapist: (CA, FL, AR, MN) AuDHD Coach: 🌎 TikTok ≠ Therapy/diagnosis


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Replying to @Trissa Also being a PDA’er, I don’t like therapies or approaches that tell me what to do. I work from principles and that works better for me. #actuallyautistic #autistictherapist #audhdtherapist #audhder #dbttherapy #fyp
Replying to @Kay (she/they) This is definitely not a complete picture but I hope it helps. I lasted 1 year at a corporation and I felt sooo manipulated by the small gifts, praise and rewards. I had to get out of there. Literally anything suggested from my parents (most likely due to their previous authority over me) causes me to bristle and I argue with them or do the opposite. Being a parent, I hear like 10k demands a day and most of the time I can handle it but when I’m tired, I have to take a lot of deep breaths. #pdaadult #pdaer #actuallyautistic #autistictherapist
Replying to @DFPS1RR Truly radically neurodivergence-affirming therapy is in it’s infancy due to a lot of factors but the primary ones (I believe) are rampant ableism in the therapy world and many therapists themselves not realizing that they are autistic and have yet to discover that (like I did). Just my two cents. Hang in there, there will be more of us soon. #actuallyautistic #autistictherapist #neurodivergenceaffirming #audhdtherapist #fyp
Replying to @Lina For lots of people, I’m sure CBT is effective. Heck, I was a CBT-only therapist for a year working for a corporate and I saw positive changes but it’s not my favorite therapy by a long shot (existential therapy is ☺️). I don’t like how wrote and formulaic it is and how the onus is put on the client to achieve mental health (whatever that is) instead of taking the environment into account (like the hellscape of late stage capitalism or the impact of being autistic in an ableist world). #actuallyautistic #autistictherapist #audhdtherapist #pdatherapist #fyp
Replying to @user2816069193372 In current times there is a huperfocus on trauma which is helpful in some circumstances but we miss the fact that neurodivergence acknowledges we have different neurotypes, many from birth with strong genetic links and trauma is not the entire picture. I’m not an expert on this, my opinion is mostly from lived experience and clinical observation. #actuallyautistic #cptsd #neurodiversity #neurotype #autistictherapist #fyp
Replying to @Meaa Morphine This what I would do. I would be looking for answers that showed the therapist does not see themselves as an expert and that they understand that neurodivergence is not a disease and there are no goals beyond what a client wants as their goal, if they even want a goal at all. #actuallyautistic #neurodivergenceaffirming #autistictherapist #audhder #pdaer #audhdtherapist #pdatherapist #fyp
Replying to @1234hippydays For me it’s mostly an unconscious process. My guess is my brain is constantly scanning and categorizing my environment and recognizes subtle patterns. #patternrecognition #actuallyautistic #autisticbrain #fyp
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