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Using technology to make significant impact on the lives of children.

Join us today for the #ChildrenClimateSummit

Aspiring to create "An Africa Fit for Children - Securing Children Voices in the Climate Change Discourse."

#AfricaClimateSummit23 #ACS23
Our weeklong #SautiZetu training has kicked off today with #Children attending both physically & virtually.

Children will be able to take home lessons on #digitalliteracy ,fakenews,child led advocacy and child led #Research .
This #InternationalYouthDay ,we stand to support #GreenSkillsForYouth intiative where youths are allowed to grow & become proficient in supporting green economy such as investing in renewable energy,promoting sustainable agriculture and innovating ways to curb #ClimateChange that provides them with skills to access job opportunities as well as contribute to #ClimateMitigation .

#Youths are our today and as the world celebrates them,it is important to allow them join the conversations on the #ClimateCrisis and let them lead us towards a sustainable world.

#Africa as a continent has found itself into a pool of crisis spearheaded by #climatechange .These series of natural calamities and hardships has made it difficult for #children to enjoy their upbringing.

#ChildrenClimateSummit #ACS23 #AfricaClimateSummit #
#ClimateChange continues to affect children negatively with drought still a menace to battle,children end up in early marriages in exchange of finances to their parents for survival.

Girls get lured into marriage through promises of a better life and education by their perpetrators.To end #ClimateChange is to protect the innocence of children.

The #AfricaClimateSummit aims to help curb this practice by finding workable solutions to end child marriage.

#ACS2023 #ACS23 #Children
#ClimateChange continues to be a major threat to kids across the world but for #children in #Africa it is affecting their livelihoods by depriving them basic needs & distorting their future.

About 490 million children in the Sub-Saharan countries were at risk from the worst impact of climate change in 2022.

With a light always at the end of the tunnel,African countries have taken measures through revising their national climate plans to help mitigate it's effects on children for a sustainable future.

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