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Sirintip (Tippan Phasuk)


🇹🇭 🇸🇪 in NYC 🌎 friend This is how I view music and the world



They’re tiny but mighty so they deserve a beat! 💪🏽 #producedbyme
This is why diatoms are the coolest:
Diatoms produce up to 50% of the oxygen we breathe
Diatoms contribute up to 40% of carbon export to the bottom of the ocean

Diatoms are at risk for decline due to ocean acidification. The most effective way to limit ocean acidification is by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Video by Kevin Du Clos, Sutherland Lab
Music by me
#climatechange #diatom #phytoplankton #climatemusic #greenscreenvideo
Ever needed to learn a new piece last minute? This is a great tip on how to learn a new song, get it into your muscle memory without tiring out your voice. #ng #vocaltechnique #vocaltip #vocaltips Disclaimer: if your voice is hurting, burning, scratchy etc, you’re doing something wrong and you should stop. This exercise is meant to be relaxing and not fatiguing. 💕
#oogt #dayinmylife #singer How I got ready for my performance at NYC Winter jazz festival 🎵 #independentartist #musician
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