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Amy C. Willis, Sober Coach


The Holistic Sober Coach • Speaker • Writer 🏳️‍🌈 ⬇️ Resources & Tools ⬇️



Rounding out a week of central nervous system regulation and care tools with one of my faves! It’s simple, effective and powerful and I hope you love it as much as I do! 🌬️ Today’s tool is the Physiological Sigh 🌬️ This tool works quickly to calm you nervous system, returning you to a relaxed and grounded state. Try it for 1-3 minutes and notice how your internal state shifts! Watch the video, give it a try and let me know how it goes! Be sure to save this post for future use!  Are you familiar with this tool? If you’ve used it, what do you think? LMK below! 🫶🏼 Cheering you on, always 🫶🏼 #SomaticHealing #SomaticTools #SoberCoach #Healing #SelfHealers #TheHolisticSoberCoach #HolisticWellness #CentralNervousSystem #PhysiologicalSigh #SelfCare #EMDR #EFTTapping #somatictiktok  created by Amy C. Willis, Sober Coach with 's Pieces (Solo Piano Version)
✅ 20 lbs @goruck
✅ 8 X 108 (IYKYK) stairs
✅ 50 X step-ups on each leg
✅ @melrobbins and @dr.thema in my ears with the latest episode called “6 Signs You’re Disconnected from Your Power and How to Get it Back” - this ep is 🔥 🔥 🔥 y’all soon be sure to listen!

Was I especially jazzed for this workout?

Not really.

Did I do it anyway?

You bet your ass I did.


Several reasons.

✨I have developed habits and routines over time that are now so engrained that I can fall back on them as needed, no will power or motivation needed, which is great cause I didn’t have a ton of either this morning and both are finite and fleeting at best

✨ Despite maybe not “wanting” to do the thing that’s temporarily challenging or uncomfortable, I have come to deeply value what I get out of thing. I value the outcome and result more than I value my personal comfort

✨ I have made a rock solid commitment to show up for myself and make my life better

✨ I have finally landed in a place (both in mindset and embodied) where I know and believe that me and my life are worth the effort and work

While I’m using the example of a workout, these same principles can be applied to sobriety and what it takes to both enter and sustain sobriety.

I’ve been sober for almost 7 years now and working professionally as a sober coach for more than 4 years. I live, breathe, teach and preach this stuff. It’s effective and life changing. And I would love to support you implementing what I’m talking about here (and more) in your life. I would love to support you in making your life better without booze. Link in bio to apply for 1:1 support.

Change is possible.

Better is possible.

You and your life are worth the effort.


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