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Sarah Elrod


Rural wife & mama Entrepreneurship & Motherhood 🤠 @brandedcowgirlpodcast host



When I first found out I was pregnant, I had a million thoughts run through my brain.

And one of those thoughts was “how am I going to manage my business, AND be a mom?”

There have been a million moments since Stetson has been born where I have had to overcome a lot of things. Fly by the seat of my pants, and just get er’ done… and today was no exception

I became a business owner so that I could spend MORE time with my kids. Not to drop them off at daycare, or with babysitters all the time

And today, looking at these photos, I am so proud I stuck to that promise to myself 🥹

Working, with a baby on my hip and I’ve never felt so myself

Consider this your reminder mama, life doesn’t stop when you have a baby

You can still do the things (just make sure to bring snacks 😅)

P.S. I’m going LIVE inside of the social herd this week to teach you how to create a content plan for the next 7 days so that you can free up more time in your day! Click the link in my bio to join ✨

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Can I tell you something?? 👇🏼🌸

Right here, in this exact moment, I want you to think of this life you have. The people in it, the career you have or the one you are chasing after. Think about the things you want, and are fearlessly chasing after, and the ones you are putting off because of unknowns

Imagine the beautiful places that your life, family, career, and passions could take you. The infinite amount of possibilities that are out there for you

We are all in different seasons. And maybe you are in a tough one. You feel like you don’t have enough time. Regardless of what might be true… you need to remember that you are ALIVE

And you were put here with purpose and intention. There is MAGIC in knowing that you, (yes YOU) with your unique DNA and dreams and interests and mind are alive 💛

My friend, please don’t waste it.

Stop waiting for life to just happen to you. For the perfect moment of more money, more strength, more XYZ

Make this month the month that you look fear in the eyes and say NOT TODAY!

Dare to freaking dream stand in the sunshine and be a light in this world ✨

Soak in your own special gifts and super powers. The month you actually begin to trust in yourself. Make yourself proud.

Stare all those scary things in the face and decide to live your life anyway 🌿

I am here to support you and not from a distance. I want to get right down in the trenches with you and push you to be the best version of yourself you can be!

This month is going to be a good one inside of the Social Herd. Make sure to join because there are going to be 2 LIVE trainings happening (the first one is going to be THIS THURSDAY)… not to mention more caption templates, and some bonus resources dropping this week!

If you struggle with creating content and want your own personal resource center to swipe and post, you gotta join the herd!

Head to SarahElrod.com/socialherd☀️

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As I sit here and reflect on a happy little weekend just had, and look forward to the week ahead, I am sitting here with a big goofy smile on my face.

Not because everything is perfect right now. Not because everything is going right (because its not)

But because the sun is shining, and I had 3 days full of family time, horses, and Jesus. And I didn’t realize my heart needed those days until now. As I sit here on a Monday morning staring at a huge to do list… but I don’t feel stress. I feel excited and fulfilled.

And while I sit here, trying to check things off a little at a time, I am reminded of a time when I used to always feel like time rushed by so quickly.

I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. *My business was not growing enough.*

After a while I decided enough was enough and I demanded a change within my own mindset.

Instead of thinking success meant I had to work 10 hour days staring at a computer screen, I started to believe that success was to be able to wake up each morning to his cute face and not have to rush him off to daycare somewhere.

Success for me has, and always will be, having the ability to stay home, and never miss a single milestone or moment.

When I finally came to this decision, my body relaxed and I felt so grateful of what was actually able to do. No matter what it looked like.

If you are walking into this week feeling that stress pressing on you about what this week has in store for you, please… for your own sake….flip your mindset right now.

What does success look like to you?

Just remember, you’re growing, you’re learning, and often times, you are *surviving*. Sometimes that is the only thing we can do.

I am proud of you!! Now drop a comment below telling me one success in your life right now 👇🏼

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The other day I was putting my son down for a nap and with very tired and sleepy eyes he reached up and grabbed my hand.
I kissed him on his head and just stayed there to smell him (iykyk)💛

And in that moment my eyes were full of tears. Because I realized what a blessing it is to be the one to put him down for every nap and to be there to get him when he wakes up. 😭

I get to be the one to teach him new things and show him the world. I get to hold him every single time he cries and to be the one to watching him explore new things

It hit me just how much of a blessing it is to be able to stay home with him. To not have to go into an office everyday and drop him off at a daycare. He is only going to be this small for a little while and my dream has always been to raise up my babies around animals and rurally. 💛

Growing an income online has allowed me so much freedom and I truly wish everyone could know what this feeling is like.💪🏼

I know it’s not always possible for everyone and if you are someone who chooses to go to work in an office or outside of the home, just know that I think you are amazing. But for those who don’t want that, the ones that crave to be home with their babies but to also bring in a little (or a lot) of an income… I want you to know it can be an option for you.✨

The social herd is a monthly subscription that is designed to help you create the social media content you need to grow a brand and a business online. 🥳

With 100 caption templates and new ones being added each month plus live trainings, community and more.

Even if you don’t know what it is you want to do yet. We can help you figure it out.✌🏼

This is for you mama. This is where you can come to learn, and grow, and step into those God given dreams you have always had.

More info in the link in my bio 💛✨
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