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MrFixItDIY Shop


DIY Dad & Home Improvement & Repair Content Creator www.mrfixitdiy.com

Just added a sweet new storage system for my truck bed from @DECKED! For all the trolls out there, GET DECKED. #toolorganization #truckbedorganization #deckedusa  created by MrFixItDIY Shop with MrFixItDIY Shop’s original sound
#ad Don't get caught off guard and unprepared for the winter and the upcoming Holidays! I teamed up with @3M™ WorkTunes™ Connect Hearing Protector to finish the last minute winter prep around the house. If you're looking for an awesome gift for Dad or the DIYer in your life, check them out at the link in my bio! Trust me, they'll love them! #holidaygiftsfordad #diyhomeimprovement #winterprep #worktunes
#ad Tis the season to be making ornaments! I've made them for family and friends for years and this year is no exception! I've teamed up with 3M™ WorkTunes™ Connect Hearing Protector to wear while I’m working this year so I don't have to listen to the constant dull drone of my tools for hours on end! Check them out for yourself or pick them up for the Dad or DIYer in your life at the link in my bio!

#2023ornament #WorkTunes #3mworktunes
#GESealantsAmbassador Like it or not, winter is back! I teamed up with @GEsealants to get my winter checklist knocked out and get the house sealed for good! #sealedforgood #diyhomeimprovement #winterprep
#GESealantsAmbassador When it rains it pours but hopefully not through your windows! My buddy called and said his windows have been leaking since we’ve gotten so much rain this season. Fortunately for him I teamed up with @GEsealants to get his windows fixed up and sealed for good so he doesn’t run into this problem for a long time! Fortunately for me he’s got a new puppy to love on! #sealedforgood #diyhomeimprovement #leakywindowfix
#GESealantsAmbassador We’ve all got that one friend who still lives like they’re in college despite being well beyond the glory days! Fortunately I teamed up with @GEsealants to tackle a bathroom refresh for my buddy while I passed through on a recent business trip. He let me stay for free and I helped him out in return! I’m a big fan of GE sealants because these products are great for making sure this is done right the first time aound and what I do for my friends and family will last over time #sealedforgood #bathroomrefresh #diyhomeimprovement [AD]
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