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Classic roller skates for people on a roll! Moxiskates.com 💗




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We traveled to Oakland! Hopped a flight for a few hours and made our way to the Bay <3 Check out the @brailleskate video now! created by Moxi Roller Skates with Moxi Roller Skates's original sound - Moxi Roller Skates
Huge thanks for spending the weekend with us @thequadcup, whether you were there in person or watching our livestreams! We watched some rad skating and reconnected with our pals at our Moxi booth, plus made some new friends from different parts of the globe. Hope you had a blast hanging out with us in person, or on our IG lives of the competition. See you in the Fall for what is sure to be another great comp!

PLUS we’ve got a super special offer going for anyone who didn’t snag a shirt: use code FOMO for the next 2 weeks to get 20% off any of the Quad/Blading Cup apparel from Moxiskates.com!

Offer expires 5/16 at 11:59PM PST

#quadcup23 #bladingcup23 #rollerskatingcomp

video description:
A recap of the Quad Cup weekend! Karli (she/her) does a soul to top soul switch-up, and the camera pans over to the Moxi booth. We see a time-lapse of Evelyn (she/her) and Sydney (she/her) helping customers. Quad Cup merch is shown- all available on Moxiskates.com. We pan over the crowd at the film night. We see skaters tackling obstacles on and off the course. Estro (she/they) announces JaQuan (he/him) won MVP of the Quad Cup. Cut to our Arm Wrestling After Party where we see several matches and the fun energy at the party.
Thank you for rolling with @IZZE and Moxi last Saturday!

The #IZZERollin skate event at the Mission Valley YMCA Krause Skate & Bike park was fizzing awesome! It was filled with lots of skating, new friends, lessons, giveaways, and most of all connection! We even had a few skaters come out thinking there were no other skaters in their area, only to meet people who came down the same way! 🫶

During the event we got to help and watch skaters level up! Whether it was starting from 0 or adding on to their skill level, a lot of people went home with new tricks.

We are so thankful for everyone who came out and super stoked to have @IZZE sponsor this amazing event! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win a special pair of Moxi x IZZE Lolly skates! Details are in our last post.

Keep an eye out for our next events! You can check out our guides and our stories every day for updates. If you couldn’t make this one we hope to see you soon at the next!
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