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Seth Metoyer I MoreHorror.com. Movie Producer and Composer.



If you're looking for a movie to pass the time this weekend, my micro-budget indie film Blood Harvest (2023) is now available for digital purchase or rental on both Amazon Prime Video. Link in Bio or search Blood Harvest (2023).

Actor Greg Nutcher's reserved, yet intimidating portrayal of the brooding, inwardly tormented, "Uncle Ollie" is masterful. Exactly what I'd envisioned for the character when coming up with the story. The rest of the cast is wonderful too, with Jason London (Dazed and Confused) and Robert LaSardo, in a unique role where he's actually NOT the villain for once!

I was brought in to redo the entire movie score at the last minute, put in over 100 hours and wrote over 40 pieces of music on a 2 week's time crunch, replacing the previous score completely. Unfortunately, the end movie credits were already submitted to the distributor, and the old composer is still listed as the composer. It's unfortunate and infuriating, but what can you do. Thankfully my IMDB credit is correctly attributed. https://imdb.me/sethmetoyer.

My official Blood Harvest motion picture soundtrack will also be released on Spotify and other streaming sites.

This alternative trailer in this post features a song that my brother and I wrote specifically for the film, by our industrial metal band, Brain Matter (starts at the 00:44 mark). I wrote the lyrics based off of the film and my own personal experiences, reflecting a time when I was struggling internally to see light in the world. You can find the full song "Internal Unrest" on all streaming sites.

Blood Harvest has been a labor of love of mine that started over 10 years ago, stayed in limbo for a while, then finally found its way to reality. I Co-Produced the film as well.

Released through Uncork'd Entertainment, the film is a slow-burn, micro-budget horror film, about a family that moves back to a farm in the mother's hometown. One of the children is a clairvoyant and along with his sister, they start to unravel secrets that have happened on the farm.

Thanks for watching the trailer!
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