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Become smoke-free 🚭in November: Join our campaign 🫶🏻 Together we are strong

Have you ever wondered if weight gain is inevitable when you quit smoking? 🤔 In today's roundabout, we explore this burning question, clear up misconceptions and share practical tips to help you stay on track on your journey to quit smoking! 💪 By the way, did you know that on average you gain 3 to 5 kilos when you stop smoking? Some people gain less weight, some even lose weight.... Quite simply, quitting smoking does not necessarily lead to weight gain although. What has been your personal experience with weight gain during your journey to quit smoking? By the way, you can learn much more about this topic in the next expert video 📢🔍. #MonthWithoutTobacco #MeseSenzaTabcco #smokefree #Stopsmoking
Part 1 - Does #smoking help you manage your stress? We went and ask people in the street 🎤 Let’s see what they think about it…

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#monthwithouttobacco #monthwithouttobacco2023 #stoptobacco
#streetinterview #stopsmoking #switzerland🇨🇭
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