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Jay | Student Loan & Debt Law


Lawyer ⚖️ Podcaster 🎙 Student Loans | Debt Defense | Bankruptcy NY ✈️ CA


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Replying to @isthatcynthia here’s how to calculate your student loan payments under SAVE #studentloanlawyer
Replying to @izzybella The standard repayment plan for federal student loans can be a dangerous money pit #studentloanlawyer
Replying to @Kayla File separate federal income tax returns only if there’s an overall savings, not just a lower federal student loan payment #studentloans #idr #saveplan #studentloanlawyer
#duet with @Tricia Pendergrast, MD Beware influencers who profit when you take their unqualified and self-serving “recommendations” #studentloanlawyer #Stitch
#stitch with @Aaron Jensen | Mortgage Lender Filing taxes separately from your spouse to lower student loan payments may end up MUCH more expensive #studentloanlawyer #Inverted
#stitch with @loc_rants SAVE Plan for repaying your federal student loans might he a godi idea for you, or it might be a disaster. You need to understand all the options so you can make an informed decision #studentloanlawyer
Replying to @Mittens Don’t use the federal student loan simulator to figure out your payments under SAVE or any other income-driven repayment plan #studentloanlawyer
Replying to @Brown_Eyed_Girl Here’s a little about my credentials and experience #bankruptcylawyer #studentloanlawyer
Replying to @Lora You can get your federal student loan payment adjusted whenever you need to #studentloanlawyer
Replying to @Nordilanche Here’s an update on the updated guidelines for discharging federal student loans in bankruptcy. There’s been some success but the numbers would be better if more people hired lawyers to represent them #bankruptcylawyer #studentloanlawyer
Replying to @drugstorelotion PAYE is being closed to new applicants as of July 1, 2024 so there’s still time to enroll if it’s right for you #studentloanlawyer
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