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Momentom Collective


Artist Residencies Everywhere. New Season has launched! Link below to explore🌿

✨️What is Humanity’s Purpose? | Poranguí on The Momentom Podcast.
@porangui is an international artist, inspirational educator and healer. 🙌🏼 Join his conversation with Momentom cofounder, @johntearly, as they sit down to tackle some of the biggest questions during these transitioning times.
We are honoured to invite Poranguí back into our Momentom community for a two week 🎵Sound Intensive on the beaches of Nicaragua this Nov 20 – Dec 3! Alongside other facilitators @naoba, @matute_nica and @barefootcomtesse and the Momentom familia 💕 we will be using sound to activate our voices and understand the healing properties of frequency and movement to foster our individual and collective well-being😊.
***For more information and to join this incredible experience see link in bio***
✨️This full podcast with Poranguí and John live from Momentom’s last Artist Residency in Guatemala, is available on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Join this in depth conversation around the true essence of community, feeling the silence within sound, the art of Porangui’s live performances, and humanity’s role and connection with our planet - as discussed here in this Podcast Highlight.✨️
#TheMomentomPodcast #Porangui #soundintensive #momentomresidency #purposeofhumanity #soundhealing #momentomcollective
#question from momentomcollective Our children hold the power to weave new world consiousness into our future realities 👁 Lets guide them there #momemtomcollective #permaculture #balance #newworld #community #jungle
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