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Toxic Mold Assessors on TikTok LIVE **DIY testing cannot find all mold problems

This is what we do. @MoldTesting #MoldTesting #Mold #Aspergillosis #Aspergillus #Health  created by MoldTesting with MoldTesting’s original sound
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Mycotoxins and inivisible toxic mold caused severe eczema, constant trouble sleeping, uncontrollable itching, severe inflammation, bleeding, skin discharge, and 10+ new food sensitivities in the daughter of one of our clients.
@thedetoxdoc helped give her her quality of life back. We are so grateful for Medical Doctors (Yes, an MD) like her who test patients for mycotoxins and focus on the root cause of the patients’ issues, including checking the indoor environment for toxic mold. Personalized supplement regiment and topicals helped this amazing little girl. Client also moved to a new place instead of risking it with remediation which can often make things worse. #MoldToxicity #MoldTesting #ChildSafety #Stachybotrys #Mycotoxins #Cladosporium #MoldDoctor
Replying to @kevinrake270 Mold Toxicity and Mycotoxins are very real
@MoldTesting We work with medical doctors and modern science to eliminate mold exposure to the maximum extent possible, both within a body and within a property #MoldTesting #MoldToxicity #Mycotoxins
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