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Brian Karr


Co-Founder, We Inspect 🔦 You CAN find hidden mold! Text me 📲 : 949-528-8704

STOP lying…

The most important lesson I learned from my dad. “It’s not about what you do know, it’s about knowing what YOU DON’T know.”

He said, “If the day comes where you think you “know everything”, it’s because your ego is afraid of being hurt. If you give in to that fear, you’ll never reach your full potential. Don’t lie to yourself, take it as an opportunity to learn.”

I thought of this story because yesterday I recorded an episode of
#moldfinders : RADIO with Dr. Chris Motley. Dr. Motley is the co-host of the Ancient Health Podcast w/ Dr. Josh Axe.

In that episode, we starting talking about this concept. Dr. Motley said that it’s more important that he’s always learning. If not, he’s not doing right by his patients.

Why am I telling you this?

I may have the top mold podcast, and emails that you read (thanks btw!), but that doesn’t mean I know everything. It just means I’m a good communicator who wants to help people.

That said… I do know a A LOT about mold.

Do you?

Is your ego getting in the way of getting the answers you really need?

Is mold one of the things you “don’t know”?

If so, don’t be afraid to ask me.

Set up a FREE call —> YesWeInspect.com

- Brian

P.S. I was recently able to update our process so EVERY PERSON who wants to speak with my team can! I believe everyone deserves access to help and information, and this update makes that a reality. So don’t be shy 🙂

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