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Defeating: cancer, Diabetes, Inflammation, obesity, fatigue, alzheimer's, Aging-

Fun Fact #1
The body makes 1.1 liters of deuterium depleted metabolic water for every 1 kg of fat consumed. Our early ancestors likely derived most of their water from fat. Many, if not most, animals still do this today.
Fun Fact #2
Camels don’t need to drink to travel great distances without water because they make their own metabolic water from the big hump of fat stored on their backs. Because of their deuterium depletion strategy, camels live twice as long as horses.
Fun Fact #3
There is no perfect 100% deuterium depleted water with zero parts per million of deuterium in nature. All naturally occurring water contains different concentrations of deuterium.
The lightest water on Earth, formed by natural meteorological processes, is the snow and ice in Antarctica which contains approximately 89 ppm, the lowest of all water on earth and the closest to the water inside our cells (40-60 ppm ). Technically any water under 140 ppm deuterium is considered “depleted.”
Fun Fact #4
Modern Life Water is in a category below 25 ppm, referred to as “super light water.” This has never been accomplished in human history, as far as we know, a novel solution.
Fun Fact #5
Review: Deuterium is one of the three forms (called isotopes) of the first element, hydrogen.
The first hydrogen isotope is named ‘protium’ (the most abundant by far and the lightest), consisting of a proton and an electron. Protium is commonly expressed by the symbol ‘1H’. The second isotope is named ‘deuterium’ (much less abundant than protium but twice as heavy due to an additional neutron). Deuterium is commonly expressed by the symbol ‘D’ or ‘2H’. The most important fact is that both protium and deuterium combine with oxygen to form water molecules in nature.
Fun Fact #6
ATP synthase is an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of the energy-storage molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) using adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and inorganic phosphate (Pi).
Fun Fact #7
1931 Deuterium discovered.
1942 First use of heavy water in a nuclear reaction.
1958-1961 First correlation to growth and longevity with deuterium depletion.
1971 First U.S.-based research published in “NATURE.”
1999 First conference on isotopic and molecular processes.
2001 Somlyai publishes “The Biological Effects of Deuterium Depletion.”
2007 Olgun publishes “The Biological Effects of Deuteronation: ATP Synthase as an Example.” 2010 1st International Symposium on Deuterium Depletion, Budapest, Hungary.
2012 Boros coins the term Deutenomics – the science of deuterium depletion.
2014 Chernopiatko builds first super light DDW production facility.
2021 1st annual Deuterium Depletion Summit dedicated to Deutenomics.
Fun Fact #8
The natural deuterium levels in water depend on different geographic hydrological factors such as:
* Temperature – warm waters contain more deuterium.
* Altitude – high mountain waters contain less deuterium.
* Source – fresh water contains less deuterium than oceans.
* Latitude (distance from the equator) – water on the poles has the least deuterium.
The standard concentration of deuterium in water is 150-ppm, or one atom of deuterium per 6,400 atoms of regular hydrogen. In other words, each liter of water contains only a few drops of deuterium but in the bloodstream.
It does not seem like much but there is 2 to 4 times more deuterium in blood plasma than glucose, there is 3 times as much as potassium, 6 times as much as calcium and there is up to 16 times more deuterium than magnesium in our blood. This contaminant is everywhere and doing damage which cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed.

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Reversing Course
In the past 50 years, research has shown that unhealthy levels of deuterium accumulation result from a poor diet which includes high carb/low fat, destructive eating habits such as overconsumption, failure to fast, and insufficient exercise.
However, everyone can benefit from a deuterium-depleted lifestyle, and practices like a whole food diet, fasting, and exercise provide benefits for everyone.
#1 – Less Fatigue and More Energy
Fatigue is a mitochondrial problem. Deuterium depletion has the potential to reverse fatigue and increase your energy levels.
Your mitochondria, the “powerhouse of the cells,” provides your entire body with energy.
Sixty-plus years of research points to the systematic destruction of mitochondrial function as the primary risk from excessive endogenous deuterium in cells.
High deuterium levels result in the gradual loss of energy for all cellular processes in the body and disruption of the structure and function of cholesterol, hormones, neurotransmitters, and cell receptors.
Deuterium slows down energy production, interferes with mitochondrial function, and increases damaging free radicals.
#2 – Better Brain Function
The mitochondria have a lot to do with regulating fundamental aspects of your brain function, and it influences your mental function, cognition, and memory.
#3 – Faster Metabolism
It’s easy to understand why deuterium depletion works. In nature, the addition of deuterium slows things down, and the removing of it speeds things up, so it’s the same for our metabolism.
With more energy, you’ll be able to lose unwanted body fat and maintain a healthy weight. However, with damaged mitochondria, you’ll have fat-burning difficulties, sugar cravings, and increased fat storage.
People who have trouble losing weight, struggle with sugar addictions, or have metabolic problems such Type 2 diabetes, Cancer, and most age-related illnesses, may benefit from a deuterium depletion lifestyle.
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By the beginning of the 21st century, researchers clearly understood that consumption of deuterium depleted water protected DNA from damage. While our biological system does its best to filter out deuterium naturally, a deuterium depleted water drinking protocol lowers deuterium levels most effectively. Jumpstart your depletion by drinking deuterium depleted water. If you have the option, find melted ice water sourced near the poles or spring water from high elevations. Some waters from mountainous areas in North America have 130-140 ppm of deuterium, which is a big difference from the average of 150 ppm in most cities.

You can buy DDW from:

Modern Life Water:  The most deuterium-depleted drinking water in the world, it is ultrapure with nothing added. Produced in a facility in Florida. Modern Life Water can be diluted with any regular drinking water in the therapeutic window of 1x to 4x to obtain between 80 - 120 ppm of deuterium depleted water. Available in 5-ppm, PET plastic and Glass Bottle options.

An effective way to achieve and maintain a healthy deuterium-depleted level in the 120-ppm range is by substituting deuterium depleted water for your normal drinking water. 

Ideally, deuterium-depleted water would replace all:

Drinking water and pre-packaged beverages (coffee, tea, milk, juices, energy drinks, soft drinks, etc.)

Water-based beverages made at home and the office (coffee, tea, smoothies, concentrated juices, etc.) Food preparation water (soups, broths, and any dish where water is a significant ingredient). There is no need to use it for boiling (eggs, pasta, steaming, etc.)
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Our body likes to keep deuterium out of the mitochondria, where it might cause problems with energy production.
Fasting, intermittent fasting, and dry fasting have been shown to lower endogenous deuterium levels because we burn fat when we fast. Fat burning depletes deuterium because, for every kilogram of fat we burn, our body creates a liter of metabolic water (using hydrogen from the fat, plus oxygen from breathing).
Metabolic water is produced inside our cells and is naturally deuterium depleted, 60-70% lower than normal drinking water!
The two main reasons fasting helps with deuterium depletion are:
1. You are not actually adding any food or liquid that contains deuterium while the body’s natural mechanisms for depleting deuterium are working at full speed.
2. You will eventually start to burn your body fat because fat contains less deuterium than carbohydrates, and burning fat produces deuterium depleted metabolic water. Intermittent fasting, or time-restricted feeding, might be an exciting and beneficial lifestyle option. Fasting 16-20 hours every day and eating within a window of 4-8 hours will provide the body with many fasting benefits, and it’s a great habit that will have you hooked.
With a minimum of 16 hours of fasting, the body will run out of its glycogen store each day and shift its metabolism to fat. Then, if fasting over 16 hours, we start getting some of the benefits of autophagy, which is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, and an increase in growth hormone on top of that!
Dry fasting, which restricts both food and liquid (including water), will deliver even better results. It may improve the body’s ability to recycle and produce its own metabolic water, which usually has less deuterium. Dry fasting should be thoroughly researched before doing it longer than 24 hours.
Fasting for three days every month (or every couple of months) provides the body with the opportunity to go deeper into ketosis and autophagy, eliminate plaque and biofilm build-up, give digestion a break, and stimulate the body’s stem cells and immune system to optimal function.
72-hour water-only or dry fasts, every six months for those in optimal health, every four months for the average person, or every month for those who are obese with poor health markers will further accelerate healing and detoxification results.
Another method that incorporates fasting benefits, and may be more accessible, is doing a fast-mimicking diet for five days (instead of total fasting). This is a low calorie, low, keto strategy of which much is written.
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Did you know accumulation of deuterium from diet is being implicated as a critical inhibiting factor?  A deuterium-depleted diet may enhance your depletion plan, so it helps to know what foods are high and low in deuterium.

A deuterium depleted diet is an important aid to lowering your overall deuterium levels. Avoid processed foods, excessive carbohydrates, and genetically modified foods.

Plants deplete deuterium by shifting it into sugar storage, so fruits, grains, and sweet and starchy root vegetables are higher in deuterium. So, as you may have guessed, they are not as good for you as previously thought if your strategy is deuterium depletion.  

Instead, eat plenty of leafy greens. Most of them need to be cooked, preferably steamed to unlock their nutrients. There is a wide variety of delicious ones to choose from.  Sunflower sprouts, which are eaten raw are also an excellent leafy green. 

Other lower-deuterium foods include:

•                    Nuts and nut butter (macadamia, pecans, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, etc.)

•                    Cottage cheese (from grass fed cows)

•                    Grass-fed butter and ghee

•                    Grass-fed meats,

•                    Free-range poultry

•                    Wild-caught fish

•                    Leafy green vegetables

•                    High-quality fats (hemp seed, palm kernel, coconut, pumpkin, olive oil, etc.)

High-fat diets / paleo-ketogenic diets assist to help the body’s ability to filter and produce your own deuterium-depleted water inside your cells –– it’s hydration from the inside out.

To make things sweet, you can use alternative sweeteners like monk fruit, stevia, and inulin; they are lower in deuterium than sugars and help to minimize blood sugar. Of course, a high-quality sugars like coconut palm nectar, maple syrup, and raw honey offer a universe of minerals and nutrients, so they should not be excluded just recognized as something to use sparingly
#Healthandwellness #healthandfitness #healthywater #fountainofyouth #healthyskincare #holistichealing #cancertreatment #diabetestreatment #selfhealing #deuteriumdepletion #deuteriumdepleted
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