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Misfits Market


Organic produce, high-quality meats & seafood, and groceries for up to 40% less.



those #leftover Easter eggs are today's egg salad #sandwich ingredient #misfitsmarket
In many ways, the Farm Bill’s like a big family reunion—it requires a ton of planning, it’s always chaotic, and there’s bound to be a little drama along the way.

If this
#MisfitsMemo has you wanting to get involved, reach out to your representatives! If you’re like us, you’ll tell them to:

✍️ Pass a bill! If the Farm Bill doesn’t pass, programs like SNAP would be left in the lurch.
📖 Read the report from @refed_fightsfoodwaste, @harvardflpc, @nrdc_org, and @wwf, which includes food waste reduction strategies that could be implemented in the 2023 Farm Bill.
🚜 Check out @regenerateamerica to learn more about regenerative agriculture (and consider signing to show support!).
a #homemade version of your favorite ballpark snack—just in time for #OpeningDay

#misfitsmarket #easyreicpe #snacks
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