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Mimi The Motivator


Master Teacher | Holistic Coach | Host of Get High On Motivation Podcast

#stitch with @Teran Goldsborough currently, I have a post going viral on IG, it’s been going viral for three months now. About once a week someone will ask who is the white woman, talking about me. 😮🙄🫠 It doesn’t take long to figure out I’m black. And I will say some real black things. That will offend some non-black ears and I’m OK with that. 💯🤭

Stay tuned I’m sharing the whole thing next. I just had to set that right there. Lol
#stitch with @Auntie Empress The church got people brainwashed…💯🤢 #spiritualgangsta #blackholistic
#duet with @TK Thank you Ezaha for articulating this so incredibly well!💯🙏🏽💚 #reparations #blackholisticwellness
I’m struggling with the pronouns y’all. And i was raised in a queer household. I identify as #queer but why is that anyones business unless they are interested in dating me.🤔 My brain cannot fathom why whats in your pants, or what you wish was in your pants, needs to be announced. 🤯What am I supposed to do with this information??? Seriously. Am i buying you underwear? Where am I honestly supposed to apply this information? Someone help me out please. I really desire to understand. 🥴 ##genderwars ##lgbtqia
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