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Nancy Landrum


Your guide to a healthy marriage. https://linktr.ee/millionairemarriageclub

Replying to @feleyra Feelings and effective communication tend to be a problem in both genders. Generally, some men don't know how to identify their feelings. Generally, some women use their feelings to attack.
The goal is to have a safe format for sharing all of our experiences with each other, for both of us.
That's a Skilled Discussion.
Not knowing how to have a Skilled Discussion leads to so much hurt and happiness amongst couples.
In this video, notice these key concepts that are part of having a Skilled Discussion:
1) The Invite - be specific when you bring up a topic to your partner. Saying "I'd like to talk" can set up the partner in defensive mode. Instead, try asking "I'd like to talk about X, is now a good time?"
2) Lead with Kindness - Starting the discussion by saying something positive about your partner helps set you up for success!
3) Listen to Understand - If the first response is an explanation or justification, it leaves the speaker feeling unheard. Instead respond with showing you understand the speaker. This is done by repeating back what you understood. When both partners listen to understand with empathy and kindness, it helps break down defensiveness.
4) Accountability and Responsibility - apologize for the hurt caused!
5) Celebrate Your Success - Connect with your partner by acknowledging each other's efforts in being truthful and vulnerable with each other, especially if you know it's typically difficult! Do this by expressing appreciation.

This is just an example of a FEW things you can incorporate to bring you closer to a Skilled Discussion.

Follow for more tips on how to communicate effectively with your partner. Links in bio.
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Your #innerchild knows what you need. It’s time to start listening, take action, and free yourself from your past. #healthymarriage
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