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Mik Zazon


Comfy fashion | ED recovery | Endo warrior | Workouts #normalizenormalbodies ™️


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Donation Tips:
1. Before donating, make sure items are washed, cleaned, & meets the organizations donation standards. They usually have guidelines on their website!
2. If you cut tags off of clothing your are donating, write the size down and stick to the item somewhere.
3. Ask for a receipt to use as a tax write off!
4. Old bedding cannot be donated UNLESS it’s an animal shelter/charity or unless the organization says otherwise.
5. Call ahead of time if you have a lot of items or large items- A lot of places offer pick up!

Here are my favorite places to donate!
-Local Domestic Violence Shelters
-Local Buy Nothing Facebook groups!

-Dress for Success: Takes gently used business attire to help lower-income women worldwide. When a woman has a job interview, she can schedule an appointment with Dress for Success. The international nonprofit then works with her to find an outfit to inspire confidence for her interview. It also provides support services to prepare women for thriving in the workplace.

-Becca’s Closet: The accept formal dresses, bridesmaids dresses, dress shoes, and distributes them to low-income high school girls. Their mission is to ensure no girl has to miss her prom because she can’t afford to be there.

-Furniture Bank: They give all accepted furniture directly to those in need. They offer pick up if you call!

-Your Local Animal Shelters: bedsheets, blankets, pillows, towels, washcloths, & pet supplies!

-For Days Take Back Bag: They take old textiles and reuse them. You get a $20 credit!

#declutter #goodwill #adhdtipsand
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Replying to @nim_p1900 they are both amazing dogs. Acclimating another dog in a home where another dog already established his territory is hard. I was just asking for help in that video because i was exhausted and wanted advice on how to clean things. #dogtraining #dogsoftiktok
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