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Author, Artist, Witch, YouTube 👍 racial and LGBTQ+ equality & repro rights

The details of this spell are on my YouTube channel, link in my profile. #witchtok #moneyspell #moneyspells #manifestingmoney #vvitchtok #broomcloset #broomclosetwitchcraft #budgetwitchcraft #mickiemueller  created by mickiemuellerofficial with Young Brilli’s Make Money Money
So this just happened. People need to consider how their actions appear to the people on the receiving end of those actions. Never ever creep along slowly in your car behind anyone. I’m not usually in full make up when I’m walking the dog in the morning but I’m getting ready for a Crowdcast talk about Halloween and Samhain with some of my fellow authors later on today and I usually prepare early because I have a loose handle on how time works. 😆. That being said, your appearance isn’t an invitation… ever.
When I walk my dog I always have my pepper spray on hand, sometimes my lanyard full of heavy metal objects because while we might call this is spooky season, for some of us it can become spooky season anytime they’re out in public because other people have bad behavior and occasionally bad intentions. I’ve had stuff thrown at me. I’ve had people shout out the window as they pass by, (and then turn around) and occasionally creepier behavior like this dude. For thousands of people every year they find out too late whether those people have actual bad intentions, so I’ve taken the “fuck around and find out” approach in part, and with inspiration from
@Kitti The Villain Life Coach, so I already had this response queued up in my head and ready to roll when this creep decided to slowly drive along behind me.
If you’re not following her already, definitely check out her content, it’s both entertaining and useful. #witch #witchlife #creepers #witchtok #menbehavingbadly #streetharrassment #walkingthedog #mickiemueller #studiocoven
This is just a little part of a YouTube video I just made that you witches might need for just coming out of #mercuryretrograde -some tea magick to heal your heart! Plus, don’t you love it when you figure something out spur the moment and it turns out to be a game changer? I have the whole spell over there on my YouTube for healing your heart. You should definitely go check that out. It’s a tea spell that’s great for beginners or advanced witches that uses the power of crystal healing and herbal magic to heal your heart. The healing tea recipe is from this beautiful book Tea Magic by Jenay Marontate @Kitchen Witch Gourmet and you can do it with a couple small rose quartz and items from around the house or available at your grocery store. #witchtok #witchtokrising . #kitchenwitch #kitchenwitchery #witchtips #practicalwitchcraft #mickiemueller #studiocoven
I’m discovering so many things about how my brain works and it’s teaching me to give myself more grace when I do things like this. I’ve done things like this my whole life much to the annoyance of people around me. Everyone forgets stuff occasionally, but when you have ADHD it’s more extreme and happens on a more regular basis. It’s also different for everyone because it’s a spectrum.

I was focused on my art and must have absentmindedly grabbed the remote and set it on the tray, but because I was focused on the art I didn’t see it there because I looked on the table as I expected it to be there. I went looking elsewhere, lead around by my confused brain like a dog after a bone.

This was an attention and working memory problem, too much focused attention and not enough working memory. One of the traits of ADHD is how it affects our executive functioning, which is the set of processes that allow a person to manage themselves to achieve a goal, working memory is one of the executive functions.

I’m learning some workarounds for this challenge; having a specific place for everything I need, organizing things in clear labeled containers, are just a couple tools I’m working on employing, but it’s a work in progress. It’s still going to happen, but hopefully I can minimize it. Working memory challenges can manifest themselves in different ways, this is just one of them. I was only diagnosed last October so I’m still processing things, but I love moments when I recognize a behavior as part of my ADHD and realize that it’s not a character flaw as I’ve been taught by society my whole life that it was. I can recognize it as a difference in how my brain works and instead of falling into shame. I can analyze what happened and figure out ways to make life a little easier and help me do the things that I want to do.
#adhdawareness #witchtok #adhdwomencreatives #artistsoninstagram #witch #witchlife #adhdlife #mickiemueller #studiocoven
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