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Michelle Charlotte Bartender


PO Box 790346 Charlotte NC 28206 Michelle@nextintalent.com



@just_lids you are the best and this made me cry tears of joy 🥹 I can’t tell all of you how appreciative I am of your loving words and support🫶❤️ #iloveyouguys #tiktokfam
Replying to @lizziejo28 I wish I would have mentioned the Restrict Act in my email as well as how much this community means to me. I would be heartbroken 💔 & devistated mentally if TikTok went away. Y’all are my therapy🫶 #tiktokban #greenscreen
Replying to @samrsamsel TikTok is not getting banned 😂 can we get back to having fun now? ❤️
Replying to @notpaulblartfrommallcop i got a text from a friend who doesn’t have TikTok this morning telling me they saw my post on a big reddit page and they were shocked bc they didn’t know I made TikToks😂 if you are worth gossiping about you must be doing something right 🤷‍♀️ #screwthehaters #postwhatyouwant
Replying to @tofu_zombie yes i keep them in the car. The 2 shirts i have from my husband I bought a new, better shirt for him to replace the black one and the other one doesn’t fit him #skitmaking #influencer #howtomakevideos
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