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Learn How To Retire Early From The 9-5 Grind 👇 💯 profit Master Resell Rights👇


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It’s clear that you all share a common goal - to establish successful digital marketing businesses and achieve financial independence.

I am hopeful, and dare I say, confident, that I have poured enough value into this community for each and every one of you to embark on your digital marketing journey.

Remember, success in the digital marketing realm isn’t solely about profit margins and revenue figures.

It’s about creating meaningful connections with your audience, offering solutions to their problems, and leaving a positive impact on their lives.

I encourage each of you to leverage the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired within this community to kickstart your digital marketing businesses. The foundation is set, and the possibilities are limitless.

If you ever need guidance, support, or simply someone to bounce ideas off of, remember that the LEPO community is here for you.

I’m excited to witness your individual journeys unfold and see the positive impact you’ll have on your clients and the broader digital marketing landscape.

Stay motivated, stay driven, and always remember that the path to increased income begins with the value you provide to others.

Comment “READY” if you want to join the LEPO community.

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Email marketing does not have to be that hard!! You just have to learn the skills and the best way to build that relationship with your audience!

Are you ready to make your email list fall head over heels for you? 🥰 Let's talk about the ultimate relationship goals: Email Marketing! Forget swiping right; it's all about that 'Subscribe' button! 🛑✅

First off, let's address the elephant in the inbox: Spam. 🐘🚫

Nobody likes it, not even your grandma who still forwards chain emails.

So, how do you avoid the dreaded Spam folder? Simple: Be the email they can't wait to open, not the one they can't wait to delete. 🗑️❌

Here are 5 tips to help you build that relationship with your email list and get them to open and even click on the links inside your emails:

Step 1: The First Impression. Your subject line is like your online dating profile; it's gotta be catchy but not creepy. '50% Off Today!'? Swipe left. 🙄 'Unlock Your Exclusive Deal Inside'? Now you're talking! 😍

Step 2: Quality Time. Don't just bombard them with sales pitches. Offer value! How-to guides, industry insights, or even a good ol' dad joke. 🤓📚

Step 3: Communication is Key. 🗨️ Ask for feedback, run surveys, and for the love of WiFi, segment your list! Not everyone is into the same stuff. Some like eBooks, some like webinars, and some just want a coupon for free shipping. 📚🎥🛒

Step 4: Keep the Spark Alive. 🎇 Don't ghost your subscribers. Consistency is your BFF here. But also, don't be that clingy ex who won't stop texting. Find the sweet spot! 📅👌

Step 5: Celebrate Anniversaries. 🎉 Remember when they first subscribed? Of course, you do, you digital romantic! Send them a little 'We've come a long way, baby' email with a special offer. 🎁

So, are you ready to take your email list from 'It's complicated' to 'In a committed relationship'? 💔➡️💖

Then hop on over to my Stan Store and grab my FREE Mastering Email Listi Building Guide with helpful terminology and I have even included Email Swipes you can use in your emailing efforts. Let's make your email list swoon! 😘🔔

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