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Michael D Torino


My Vision I am alive in Christ to help the people for Financial Literacy



#stitch with @yogabbagabbaaa3 She is absolutely gorgeous.
#answer to ninetimesnetwork
#answer to ninetimesnetwork moving to maui???
#stitch with @thomassawyyer NO ONE IS GOING TO OUT WORK MICHAEL TORINO. I don’t need much sleep right now. All I care doing is being a blessing first to myself then to this world. When we become better people the world becomes a better place because WE ARE IN IT. #dontgossip #maui #hawaii #opportunity #ysbh #bestoppurtunity #wailuku #mycrib
#duet with @thequotebibles #modernfamily My dad was a very mean person but no matter what I still loved him I knew no matter what physically or emotionally he would treat me I would love on him because GOD choice him as my dad and there was a reason and a purpose god made the decision to give me him. @lukemindpower
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