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Welcome to Your Most Magikal Life ✨this is my only account✨

And I did the Love Spell practice everyday! So come join us in the 21 day challenge!! I created this process and collection of rituals because they’re the ones that helped me shift my energetic expression and frequency into being and becoming the kind of partner I desired. Too often manifestation talks about what you DO do, but just as important is what you DONT do! It doesn’t work to have this strong desire that you journal about and meditate on, visualize with all your might but then do out and live life according Ny to the same old version of you who hasn’t brought this vision to fruition. Im not saying everyone has to go celibate, that’s what was right for ME, but the intention behind it is what matters. I didn’t want anyone who didn’t deserve the power & majesty of my body and energy to enter my field or my vessel. It was a hard no. Because if I had, all those cords and entanglement would have followed me into my partnership. Instead, I was FREE. And I believe that’s what played a huge part in attracting a man into my life who is SO LOYAL, SO TRUSTABLE. I’ve never once had to look through his phone, or worried about where he was, who he was with, or what he was doing. The energy is clear, he’s FREE to do whatever he wants and I know nothing would ever cross our boundaries and agreements. So take a moment to think about what you’re calling in and how your actions do or don’t align to the person you are when you have it… If you want to add in a super powered practice for manifesting join us in the Love Spell! (Go where the links live!) we’ve just begun the challenge and it’s truly MAGIK! I’m so grateful to have found this king, we had the most incredible homewarming gathering this weekend that just lit us up and reminded us why we love our lives in LA so much. But we wouldn’t have gotten here without each other, love is truly the greatest gift. Comment what actions you feel like you have to let go of to call in the desires of your dreams! #witchtok #lovespell #witchery #celibacy
“You’re too picky!” = You won’t settle. If something is not a “yes” for you, don’t let other people’s projections enter your field and try to convince you otherwise. Of course there are ways our own egos can get in the way, fear and self sabotage can prevent us from seeing a blessing in disguise, but mostly, it’s ok to have STANDARDS! I refused to settle when I was manifesting Bear. I refused to settle for a boring job when I KNEW life had something greater in store for me. I preferred to be broke and happy then have “stable income and be miserable. I preferred being alone and deepening my personal practices and relationships to sharing my energy with people who I wasn’t really interested in or felt potential with. And I got alll kinds of opinions about it. All of which boiled down to, “just SETTLE.” NEVER! People who didn’t follow their own dreams don’t know how to encourage you to reach your own. People who settled for an unfulfilling relationship can’t imagine holding out for the right person. Most people are unhappy, lost and afraid. If you don’t look at their life and think “that’s what I want, that’s where I’m headed,” Don’t listen to them. And if you aspire to be like someone, ask yourself why. Because society teaches us what to want, but often not for our benefit. Someone who isn’t happy, fulfilled, achieving their dreams, financially free (however is aligned for them) or living an inspirational life, may NOT criticize OR advise you. This is why I turned to Nature. Her counsel never steers me wrong. You’re not too picky, you’re perfect. Being particular helps you stay focused on what you want and helps magnetize it to you. Try my Love Spell (where the links live) to learn more! #witchery #lawofattraction #neversettle #neversettleforless #witchtok #lovspell
Why does desperation feel so icky? Because it implies lack, an empty void longing to be filled. No one likes the feeling of being relied upon entirely for another’s wellbeing/approval/worthiness, needed to complete someone else, it’s just too big of a burden to carry! That’s why finding wholeness, fulfillment, and contentment within ourselves is the major key to manifestation in general but especially with love. I love this audio so much because we are like that garden. If you are attentive to your needs, what makes you thrive, what nourishes you and makes you grow, NATURALLY you are going to be more inviting, desirable, and flourishing. Not for anyone else, but for your own peace of mind, which then makes people feel safe and comfortable with you, because you’re radiating that safety & comfort from within yourself. I created the LOVE SPELL for those of you looking for love but just not quite sure why it hasn’t come yet. There’s something! There’s a reason, a lesson, an opportunity, and I want to help you discover it! Be the garden that draws in your beloved with its bountiful abundance and fertile fecundity. Come join us in Love Spell! (You know where the links live!) I was focused on balancing masculine & feminine within me, building a strong financial foundation, and making my passionate purpose into my profession. I achieved those things and like MAGIK he appeared. What is one thing you’re working on cultivating within yourself right now? . . . #chasingwaterfalls #wildwomen #manifestinglove #lovemagic #lovespell #lovespells #loveyourself #lovespellsthatwork #witchy #witchery #witchyvibes #divineunion #manifestlove
Try my LOVE SPELL for the practices I used to call in my partner! Good men do exist, so why does it often feel impossible to find them? We have all been impacted and poisoned by patriarchal programming. So much so that most people don’t even believe men have the capacity to be good anymore. That kind of victim mentality keeps us from finding the ones who are fighting against the oppressors. There are warriors on this planet who would do anything to protect the innocent, and they are waiting for you too. Toxic masculinity runs rampant through us all in the shaming of our emotions, sexuality and shortcomings, the fear of our true power, doubt in our creative gifts, and rape culture of both women and our planet. The way I worked through this patterning within myself is by becoming as energetically confident in my own masculine side as I could, maintaining solid boundaries, feeling all my feelings, and revering the gifts of my femininity. This is what the Love Spell is all about and why I know y’all were so hungry for it. Finding and creating this balance within yourself, doing the work that you expect/want your partner to be doing too is not easy but it’s a sure fire way to magnetize them! Partnership is the ULTIMATE spiritual gauntlet, and when it’s aligned, is life’s most fulfilling gift. If you’ve been looking for divine love come join hundreds of magikal souls in the Love Spell community! Our 30 day challenge starts soon and the magik is exponentially amplified when we’re doing it together? Comment 3 words describing the love you’re calling in and join us for the Love Spell, you know where the links live! . . . #lovemagic #lovespell #lovepotion #witchery #smashthepatriarchy #witchy #witchythings #witchyvibes #witchlife #goddessenergy #manifestinglove #divinemasculine #sacredmasculine #goodmen
LOVE SPELL IS LIVE! You all have never asked for ANYTHING as much as this Love Spell. And as your Fairy Goddessmother I had to make that wish come true. Too often I hear complaints about how there are no good men out there or continuously attracting toxic women… the good news is, that’s on US!! Before I met bear I was diligent in my dedication and devotion to becoming (at least in some ways) my own perfect partner. I was so whole and complete when we met, yes I DESIRED him, but I didn’t NEED him, because I was fulfilled. I had built my business, my home, my community to be able to welcome someone into my life requiring only their presence and passion. Now, I’m FINALLY sharing some of the rituals I used to attract him into my life! Love Spell is a collection of practices that helped me clear out my old patterns and limiting beliefs to be able to feel worthy of a man who is so loyal, mission driven and sweet despite his giant Viking exterior. If you have been looking for love, allow me to answer your prayers! The first step is a deep inquiry into your relational patterns, it’s EDGY! Some of us don’t even want to admit that we called in the negative aspects of partnership. I GET IT!! That was me! But guess what, YOU CAN CHANGE! And when you do, the world around you shifts in response. I wasn’t ready for Bear at first, it took getting my shit together (the way I would expect a man to) for me to magnetize him. That’s what I want to support you with! So find the Love Spell where links live! Comment with the emojis of the love you’re calling in! 🏰🐲🌲🏕️💃🕺🥳🌹✨💦🌈🦋🌞🌌🐈⬛✈️🏝️🌍🍄🪷😼
Love begets love, so the more powerfully we’ve cultivated it in our own lives, for ourselves, our pleasure, our friends, our purpose, the more of it will be swirling in the field of our existence. ❤️Love Spell is available now! Head to my bio!❤️ I am so grateful for the nearly 3 years of celibacy I took to cultivate all of these elements of my inner authority and sovereignty to call in my king. It wasn’t easy, and it was so lonely at times, but this man has created a new blue print for me of what it means to be able to trust the masculine. He can be out all night at the Miami conference after parties, forget to text me back, and I still never have anything to worry about. Because I became so loyal to myself, to my power and magik, my yes and my no, that he mirrors this loyalty back to me. Whether you’re calling in partnership, purpose, prosperity or pleasure. It’s about releasing the blocks you’ve had to feeling worthy of whatever it is you dream of, and fueling yourself with the true Nature of power and abundance in all Her infinite forms. That’s why we journey through the elements we’re made of. The earth teaches us to grow, the fire to ignite, the water to flow and the air to BREATHE through it alll. If you’ve been struggling to love yourself because a certain desire hasn’t yet come to fruition, come hop in my cauldron and become the most masterful magikal miracle manifested you could have ever imagined. Check out more details at the 🔗 in my bio. You might just fall in love with yourself. #manifestlove #selflove #lovemagic #witchery #loveday #loveyourself #witchythings #makeyourdreamscometrue #witchy #witchcraft #lovespell
Join me in Scotland for the most transformative ancient Magik October 9th-14th.
This enchanted Faerie land of Unicorns🦄& Selkies in the wild forests & oceans guided my every step from the moment I set foot upon her sacred soil.
“Do Dragon activation here, meet Unicorns at the waterfall, this group needs sisterhood ceremony, this one healing sensual touch.”
The castle grounds are alive with ancient spirits & elementals who are so grateful to have open hearted people frolicking around again.
This land changed my whole life with its welcoming embrace. Completely skyrocketing all the magik after holding space for my students & sisters. The same has happened for everyone who takes the leap to join me.

You can’t look back to the woman you had been. Only forward as the wiser woman you have become.

This retreat is full of spiritual development, sisterhood, deep connection, profound healing & exploration of sacred lands of the Celtic people just before Samhain.

Scotland is precious & sacred, having fought off the colonization of the conquering Roman Empire for centuries longer than the rest of Europe, the highland way of life & clans remained until the 1700’s (some of you know this story from Outlander). The power still pulses in the stones & forests.

Like everywhere on Earth, it yearns for healing, for its people to remember their wild ways. You can feel the gratitude of the ground beneath your feet thanking you for giving yourself permission to drum & dance as we have since the beginning of time.

Of course we stay at a castley estate giving it the full Hogwarts fantasy (as usual 😘) with farm to table food, ceremonies at sacred sites, song circles, voice activation, Sex magik, a Libra full moon ritual & celebrating the manifestation of our most magikal lives.

My retreats are my most favorite experience to offer because I get to watch people arrive & depart as someone completely different, knowing it is the discovery & awakening of their own magik that transforms them.

If one of the last spots is for you, head to my bio & join us!

#witchy  #witchery  #witchythings  #smashthepatriarchy  #earthmagic  #witchcraft  #witchywomen  #wildwoman  #witchyvibes
Stop identifying with other people projecting weakness onto you!! Telling a kid they have a “learning disability” only makes them feel like a disabled learner! Like that will help?!

I see so many bios like
“Living with depression” or “ADHD GIRL” & hundreds of others making Neuro variety & temporary chemical changes or imbalances a disempowering part of WHO YOU ARE.


Do you want to create more struggle & suffering? Let big ph @ rma victimize these afflictions against you? I wish I could shake everyone & remind them you do NOT have to accept preposterous diagnoses from people who don’t have an ounce of nutrition or trauma training to become medical “masters.”

I AM is one of the most powerful spells in our language. What will you cast into existence in the words that follow?

In conversation with yourself ask:
What is depression trying to teach me?

How am I allowing it in?

What ways does my brain like to learn?

What comes easily/naturally to me?

What do I most enjoy doing?

If you still have trouble with THOSE things, there’s tons of support and amazing people (hi! 👋) who love being teachers and helping you better understand!

Chatting with my dear sis kalina jones - We had such a laugh when I said this first line to her, “YOU are not disabled! The system is!!”

She is an incredible surfer AND instructor, (she literally surfed WITH ME ON HER BOARD so I could get the big wave dancing rides she does) a creative artist, an amazing, generous friend & badass outdoorswoman. Yet, she carries some bullshit story from a school that never taught her anything she’s utilizing in her life.

So what do we do about it?

Unlearn what we’ve been taught & learn who we want to be.

Of course in the quantum nature of reality, we are the system too- so we might as well just start discovering what we actually care about to enjoy our lives!

I know this statement might trigger people who feel highly identified with this adversity or victimized by this mentality. I invite you to examine that. Comment how this lands!

#learningdisabilities  #add  #adhdwomen  #adhdawareness  #learningdisability  #learningthroughplay  #neurodivergent  #neurodiversity  #neurodiverse
DRAGON, Draco, Drago, Draak, Drakos the list goes on… Why? Not just because these beings have existed in our collective consciousness, spiritual traditions, mythological histories and ancient legends since time immemorial.

But because they communicate with us, are present as teachers and guides for us, if we are willing to listen, and still roam the Earth to this day.

So much magikal history has been relegated to fairytales and fantasy to keep us from the inherent intelligence in our innate wisdom.


What’s the easiest way to enslave the mind of another? Convince them they are worthless… that’s what’s been done to us for centuries.

Dragons not only remind us of the infinite possibilities in this Universe, but that we possess that same cosmic creative potential should we choose to courageously reclaim it!

I highly recommend opening yourself to these wisdom keepers, the gems they will bring to your life are ineffable. I’m grateful everyday they chose to show themselves to me.

I can’t tell you how often I get messages saying, “Oh my God Mia I finally met my dragon, now I GET IT!!” I love that people think of me when these ancient alchemists enter their lives.

My higher self painting 🖼️ behind me is by christinatscherer (IG) who captured the essential Nature of my life before we even met. Dragons brought us together.

Comment if this resonates or you’ve felt the dragons reawakening!


#witchery #dragons #dragonmagick #dragonage #paganwitch #witchy #witchyways #dragones #earthmagic #ancientwisdom #spiritualawakening
There is nothing more precious than time, and before I had societal success I focused on spiritual success. I devoted my days and time to my personal practice, healing, growth mindset shifts and deep internal transfiguration.

Slowly, I changed my brain and body to believe I was worthy of my dreams coming true, and it believed me because I was living as close to them as I could.

I was BROKE because I preferred that to being miserable in a job I hated. I was convinced I would eventually get where I wanted to go, a life I was singularly focused on even when everyone thought I was delusional.

I invested the last dollar I had over and over on things I KNEW would change me that I wanted to do. It was the most transformative time of my life, and now I’m here! Living what I once only hoped for!

This is the intention of my retreats (next one October 9-14th in Scotland with a few spots left!!) for you to spend every moment of our week together doing exactly what helped me change my life, excavating the old programming and being safely held in sacred sisterhood while you heal your deepest wounds!

This life did not come easy. Spiritual growth is the hardest path to take, but the MOST WORTH IT!! I know it’s a lot easier to stay in the matrix muggle world, but the fulfillment I feel on a daily basis from finding my magik and helping others to do the same is worth every purge, every pain, all the heartbreak I’ve endured to get here. I could say I wasted time, and perhaps I did, but now I value it and am so grateful I know how to use it wisely.

#witchery #manifestyourdreams #manifestations #manifestyourlife #witchy #witchyvibes #makeyourdreamscometrue #magicisreal #witchythings #witchylife #witchcraft
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