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MetaRidez are a NFT collection of your favorite cars that double as a membership

🔥 Exciting News! 🚗✨ Get ready to hit the virtual roads! A thrilling release is speeding your way soon on LIBEX NFT! 🏁 Introducing the Metaridez Auto Art Release, inspired by the legendary 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI! Immerse yourself in the iconic design of the Golf GTI, a true classic in the automotive world.  Each Metaridez piece captures the essence of this legendary car, blending artistry and automotive passion seamlessly. Stay tuned for the drop on LIBEX NFT and be the first to own a digital masterpiece celebrating the spirit of the 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI! 🎨🚗 #Metaridez #AutoArt #VolkswagenGTI #ClassicCars #LIBEXNFT #DigitalCollectibles #ComingSoon @Libex Marketplace
🚀 Limited Tokens Available! 🏎️💥

The opportunity to own a piece of automotive history is still here! Tokens
#1 - #10 of our exclusive collection are waiting for you.

Discover 5 standard tokens available on Libex NFT, and for those looking to add a personal touch, we're offering 5 customizable tokens available via The Torque Exclusive.

And that's not all - stay tuned for the upcoming release of a Metaride Inspired by a famous R33 Nissan Skyline available as an iconic edition (1 of 1). Get ready to own a true auto-art masterpiece!

Visit LibexNFT and secure your unique piece of digital automotive art today! 🎉🚀


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MetaRidez are an exciting collection of digital cars that caters to the passions of car enthusiasts and automotive fans of all ages. These unique NFTs not only serve as collectibles but also offer an exclusive membership experience. With MetaRidez, you gain access to a virtual road called The Torque, where like-minded petrol heads and automotive-gaming fanatics connect to create a integrated infrastructure dedicated to all things CARS!

Each MetaRide in the collection possesses its own distinct features and can be customized and upgraded through The Torque. This grants collectors the power to control the aesthetics and rarity of their digital car collection. Moreover, every MetaRide is assigned a Tier trait, which opens up a wide range of expanding utilities and benefits, consistently enhancing the value of your precious collectibles and MetaRide Tokens.

As a proud MetaRidez holder, you’ll enjoy a plethora of exclusive advantages. Prepare yourself for access to limited-edition drops, where you can acquire unique digital assets related to cars. Immerse yourself in the world of automotive culture as you gain entry to car-related expos and extraordinary experiences. The perks don’t end there – expect to receive merchandise, special benefits, and so much more.

MetaRidez are the ultimate digital haven for car aficionados. Join the community, embrace the thrill of digital car ownership, and let your passion for automobiles drive you into a world of unparalleled excitement.


@Libex Marketplace
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