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Metal Time Workshop


Company was founded in the spirit of "Creative parts creates surprise" design.

Meet the Nebula Scout

🌌 NEBULA SCOUT: A Galactic Odyssey 🚀

The Nebula Scout, a sleek and nimble starship, boasts a remarkable history among the stars. This extraordinary light freighter has witnessed the rise and fall of empires, changing hands from one daring captain to another.

Captain Aria Novak, a renowned spacefarer, currently commands the Nebula Scout, steering her through the cosmos with unparalleled expertise. Her loyal co-pilot and trusted companion, Zorrin, an enigmatic alien with unparalleled navigational skills, stands by her side.Legends of the Nebula Scout tell of its previous owner, the suave gambler and con-artist Landon Kallaris.

With his charm and cunning, Landon once used the ship to navigate the galaxy's most perilous games of chance.But the ship's true heart lies in its AI co-pilot, Nexus, a sentient artificial intelligence with unmatched strategic prowess. Nexus seamlessly interfaces with the Nebula Scout's systems, providing an edge in the toughest interstellar conflicts.

Despite the wear and tear on its exterior, the Nebula Scout remains one of the fastest vessels in the galaxy. It may look weathered, but this ship has played a pivotal role in the greatest triumphs of the Galactic Rebellion and the United Galactic Front, often defying the odds and changing the course of history.

🚀 Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the stars with Captain Aria Novak and her remarkable crew aboard the Nebula Scout. Join them as they chart a course through the cosmos, facing danger, intrigue, and adventure at every turn. May the stars shine favorably on this daring crew as they continue their epic odyssey through the galaxy!

🌌Key Features of NEBULA SCOUT:

🌠 Artistic Design: A captivating blend of aesthetics and science that makes it a decorative masterpiece.

🌈 Multicolor LED Lights: Customize your space adventure with vibrant LED lights to match your mood or decor.

🛠 Detachable Platform: Enjoy the thrill of assembling your own spacecraft before proudly displaying it.

🌟 Remote Control: Seamlessly switch between various lighting options with the included remote control.

🌌 Educational and Decorative: A conversation starter and an inspiration for all ages.

⚙️ Quality Craftsmanship: Built to stand the test of time with premium stainless steel construction.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Ideal for space lovers, science enthusiasts, and appreciators of artful craftsmanship. Join the Nebula Scout on its galactic odyssey, and let your imagination soar among the stars!

🌠🚀 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/metal-time-workshop/meet-the-caspian-sea-monster
Unveiling the LEOPARD 2 Model Constructor Kit! 🛡

Prepare to be amazed by the precision engineering and realism of our latest release – the LEOPARD 2 Model Constructor Kit. 🇩🇪✨

Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, this exceptional kit showcases the iconic German tank, the Leopard 2, in stunning detail. With a rotating turret that mimics the real thing, it's the perfect addition to your collection, a dream come true for enthusiasts, and an educational gem. 🚛💨

🌟 Key Features of the LEOPARD 2:

Stainless Steel Excellence: A masterpiece of durability and craftsmanship.
Realistic Rotating Turret: Experience the thrill of commanding your own tank.
Collector's Treasure: Elevate your collection with this symbol of military prowess.
Inspiration for All Ages: Explore the world of engineering and history with every piece.

Join us in celebrating the release of the LEOPARD 2 Model Constructor Kit! Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, one piece at a time. 🧰🔍
Stay tuned for updates, and be among the first to own this remarkable model. 🎉🛠

Sign up to be notified when a Kickstarter campaign is launched:

#LEOPARD2 #collectoredition #leopard2a6 #kickstartercampaign
🐉 Once upon a time, not too long ago, there lived a mighty red dragon, the Lord of the Ocean, who fell deeply in love with the Sun. Its radiant presence made the ocean's waters glisten like a sea of diamonds. Yet, a vast expanse of sky separated them. The dragon beseeched its brother, the Lord of the Air, to raise the ocean's waves higher and higher, attempting to reach the Sun's beautiful visage. Alas, the dragon's efforts fell short. Determined to offer the Luminary all the treasures of the deep, they were concealed at the ocean's bottom, but the Sun's rays could not penetrate the watery depths.
No, this isn't an ancient Asian legend; we've conjured it up as we marveled at the working of our assembled Sun Chaser sundial model. It's an ode to creativity, where you can craft your own versions.
In Asian mythology, dragons are the embodiment of all things, taking on various forms to represent the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. Despite their immense power over the Earth and its inhabitants, even the mightiest dragons are powerless against the invincible march of Time.
That's why the concept of a sundial shaped like a dragon was nothing short of brilliant. What emerged from this audacious idea was a beautiful composition, narrating the tale of a red dragon yearning to reunite with the Sun. With jade eyes fixed upon the Sun, it diligently counts the hours of eternity.

✨ Stay tuned for updates, and be among the first to know when our Kickstarter campaign takes flight! 🐉🌅
🛩 Enter to Win an Iconic AN-225 Mriya Model Kit! 🛩
Calling all aviation enthusiasts and collectors!
🚀 Here's your chance to take home a piece of history - an exquisite AN-225 Mriya mechanical model constructor kit that's sure to soar straight into your heart.
We're thrilled to announce our AN-225 Mriya Mechanical Model Constructor Kit Giveaway, where we're giving away not one, not two, but five of these incredible mechanical constructor model kits.
🎁 Imagine having this masterpiece of engineering displayed proudly in your collection!
How to Enter:
1. Follow @AirlinesAntonov and @UkrainianDreamLive on Facebook and Instagram.
2. Tag two fellow aviation aficionados in the comments below who share your passion for collecting metal models.
3. Share this post on your public profile or stories to spread the excitement even further.
Remember, sharing is caring! 🌍✈️
But wait, there's more! We know you're eager to get your hands on this beauty, so we're offering an exclusive treat. Use promo code "ANTONOV" and unlock a special gift at www.UkrainianDream.Live 🎁✨
Crafted from the highest-quality stainless steel, this AN-225 Mriya model is not just a collectible - it's a representation of aviation history and innovation. 🚀✨
Don't miss out on this golden opportunity!
The winners of the draw will be selected at random and announced on August 24.
Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages to witness the excitement unfold.
Takeoff Checklist:
🚀 Follow ANTONOV Airlines and Ukrainian Dream Live
🚀 Tag two friends who share your aviation passion
🚀 Repost this giveaway on your profile or stories (remember to keep it public)
Secure your chance to win this remarkable AN-225 Mriya model kit, valued at $200.
Let's celebrate the marvels of aviation history together! 🎉🛫
#AN225MriyaGiveaway #AviationEnthusiast #UkrainianDream #AntonovAirlines #MetalTimeGlobal
This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Instagram or Facebook.
Winners will be selected randomly on August 24.
Visit us: https://ukrainiandream.live/

🌟 In memory of the amazing, unique aircraft Ukrainian technical startup "Metal Time" presents our model "Ukrainian Dream". It was the result of a joint initiative of Antonov, Metal Time, and Ukrainian Post – Ukrposhta. The Ukrainian Dream is an officially licensed model.
✈️ The design of housing and mechanism has been designed with great precision so that each part moves correctly and is visually accurate. The plane is on a stand and can be easily removed. But with just a few turns of the key, you can start the mechanism, and when it starts, the gears rotate to move all six engines and each turbine to simulate flight.
❤️ Together with Antonov, Metal Time supports programs for the restoration of Ukrainian aviation, in particular:
restoration of the AN-225 Mriya aircraft;
training of new pilots and aircraft engineers;
restoration of houses of Antonov employees, destroyed during the war.

👆 Ukrainian Dream is not just a homemade mechanical model or a beautiful souvenir. This is a monument dedicated to the engineers and employees of Antonov Airlines who created this engineering miracle. Given that only one piece of AN-225 was built, this model allows us to revive Mriya while we wait for its return.
We invite you to participate in our initiative!

By purchasing the Ukrainian Dream mechanical model, you contribute to the restoration and development of Ukrainian aviation, support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and help train personnel.

All models acquired can be donated to schools and youth creative centers, fostering the development of technical skills among the younger generation.

Support "Mriya"!
@Antonov Airlines #mriya #heavyliftinghelicopter #antonov225 #antonovan225 #antonov
💪One of the most successful and effective tanks of World War I was the French FT-17.

👆FT-17 weighed 6.5 tons, with a length of 5 meters and a height of 2.1 meters. The Renault engine provided a whopping 39 hp. That allowed the tank to reach a maximum speed of up to 8 km/h, which was about the same speed as a marching infantry.

🌟The armament of the tank had two variations; one that consisted of a 37 mm machine gun, the other with a Blockhouse Schneider howitzer.

In total, about 4 thousand FT-17 tanks were built, which made it the most massive serial tank of World War I.

⚙️NIMBLE FIGHTER is an iconic addition to our tank series allowing model builders collect the entire range.

💎The model retains all the design features of the original FT-17. Such as a recognizable front hatch for the driver, a rotating gun turret, a tail structure for overcoming trenches. A spring-loaded winding mechanism drives the gears, which turn the tracks, allowing the tank to overcome small obstacles.

😍The key for winding mechanism is located under the opening hatch of the engine compartment. Behind the turret there is a latch to start / stop movement of the tank.

🤓Many parts and complex design will force the users to work hard to assemble this model. But as a result, you will get a historically accurate, functional model of the legendary combat vehicle.

🤗You can be among the first lucky ones to have NIMBLE FIGHTER: https://metal-time.com/products/nimble-fighter/
#tankmuseum #renaultft17 #frenchlighttank
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