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Orb Pondering Doom. z0inked warriors only. Death to big riff.

#duet with @Cleansing of the Temple #deathcore do yall slam for the lamb???
#duet with @Gerry #pantera i am not ready to rock i guess.
Replying to @Tyler Ramos Elitism is so whack and Im tired of people pretending Dads who love classic rock aren’t some of the coolest people you ever meet. No pretention. No self important BS. No gatekeeping.

The coolest thing anyone can do is be a postive and supportive influence in the lives of their friends and community.

#music #dadrock #dadrockforever #doommetal
#stitch with @Svnny Singh Honest, invested feedback is invaluable in any creative field. While have had tons of rough bands, Ive never regretted being in one and find im at my best when working with others. Ive got a ton of music that never got finished to prove it. #songwriting #band #musician
Replying to @☦️HeroDragonaught☦️ im out here at the kootenai county fair all day. Ill rate your band name for a 5mg CBD gummie. #doommetal #sludgemetal #heavymetal #bandname
Replying to @🌦️ Just a couple quick thoughts on band names! I like names that strike a delicate balance of specificity and mystery, but are also fairly concise. No more than five syllables unless needed. #music #musician #bandnames #bandnamesarehard
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