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Melli O'Brien


Mindfulness and mental strength coach. Making the world mentally stronger.

When to use grit vs when to quit.

When we have a big goal or dream we hit these points where we ask ourselves the question. Is this a time to push forward, or is this a time to let go? In other words, is it time for grit or time to quit. Here’s three things to check in with yourself in order to make the choice.

Are you enjoying what you're doing and finding meaning and purpose through it?

What opportunities are you giving up in order to pursue this goal? Are those tradeoffs worth it?

If you are totally honest with yourself, does it look like things can work out if you keep going (do you have the strengths, can you get the right resources, do you have the commitment and time)?

If your willpower and hard work is not in alignment with your values, is not enjoyable and is taking you away from other things that really matter to you, then it is probably not in your best interests to persevere.

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