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Melissa LeEllen


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Don’t forget to protect your energy!!! It’s so important!

When you surround yourself with energies that do not align to you, you can get drained. It’s called an “energy vampire”.

It’s possible for people to influence your energy both positive and negative. Especially when you are an empath and your energy is open to the Universe. It can leave us vulnerable. Here’s some ways to take some steps to understand why and how this is happening.

1. Self awareness. The first step is to become more aware of your emotional state. Listen to yourself and not others. Truly go inward and reflect. You might be stressed about life, love, career, so many things. Think about who are with that gives you energy and who drains it.

2. Reflect on interactions: how do people make you feel after you are around them? Do certain people lift you up or drain your energy?

3. Set boundaries: It might be good to set boundaries to those that bring you down our regularly train your energy. This could even include distancing yourself entirely.

4. Self care: Regular self care is so important. Take care of you. I’m often times guilty of this. I give to everyone else and forget about myself.

5. Positive influences: Seek out those that will lift you up and inspire you!

6. Mindfulness and emotional regulation skills: Learn techniques to manage your emotionally state. Like breathing, yoga, meditation or the practices that relate to you to stay centered and grounded.

Remember, it’s normal to be affected by the energy of others. Self-awareness coupled with the right tools can protect your energy and emotional health!

Stay strong everyone!!! We are only human doing the best we can! Don’t forget to love yourself!!!!! ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰
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