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When you’re commissioned for art and as you’re nearly done… they try CANCELING THEIR ORDER ENTIRELY! (A remake of an older video of mine that’s one of my favorites!) #artistproblems #artistcheck #ReadyForHell #artistprobs #digitalartist created by Melissa Amanda with Renda 💋’s original sound
10.29.23 💍♥️🍂🍁
Mohonk Mountain House
What started off as a surprise to me of us staying at this mountain lodge for our anniversary weekend, turned into a day one can never forget.
In the misty Catskills during what was ONCE AGAIN another rainy Sunday, Marcus led me up to one of the many surrounding gazebos on Monhonk Lake. He climbed up (essentially freaking me out because of this gazebo being on the side of a cliff), hung upside down, and proposed in the most on-brand way for the two of us and our 11-year relationship. Dressed as Spiderman he held out the ring (which was also upside-down), and then we shared the iconic Marvel character's kiss in the rain.
This was on brand for us because we first bonded over our love of comics and the Spider-Man / X-Men Movies. The fact that he constantly terrifies me with the risks he takes for his crazy stunts and adventures. Lastly, his way to always make me smile and laugh in the end. No matter the situation.
I love you, Marcus. Thank you for being true to you.
This was the most wonderful and memorable way you could have done this. I'll never forget it. <3
Thank you everyone for your love and support.
Thank you especially to Kimmie Anne Amato & Keith Boccio for being present to witness and capture this moment for us. We love you both so much.
#engaged #engagement #engagementring #proposal #upsidedownkiss #spidermanproposal #spidermankiss #wefellinloveinoctober #mohonkmountainresort #mohonkmountainhouse #mohonkpreserve #mohonkmountain #mohonklake #mountainview #mountainlove #iloveyou #myeverything #spidermanproposal #proposal #proposalvideo
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