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Melanin Kris


A creative Visionary. Arts & storytelling to unapologetically stay yourself. 🖤

As a young emerging filmmaker and storyteller Melanin Kris in 2010, had the incredible opportunity to document Spike Lee's visit to the Bijlmer on film. As part of the team, led by Angelo Bromet, we hosted a warm welcome to the pioneering filmmaker at our at that time cultural ‘home’ center, No Limit. I am sharing a short clip from my archive bank, I am excited to use this footage as part of a teaser for my ambition to create a documentary series...

Spike Lee is known for his films that address racial issues, and he brought his signature humor to the inspiration event at the previous "Youth Cultural Center” in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, better known as the BIMS. This event was an opportunity for young people from the area, students, and aspiring filmmakers of color to hear from one of the most renowned directors of our time.

Before Lee's arrival, the audience of about one hundred received instructions on how to behave respectfully in his presence. However, these precautions were unnecessary, as Lee's arrival was met with warmth, good vibes, and enthusiasm. Styling in an orange training jacket and a cap from the LA Lakers, Lee took his place on stage and immediately engaged the audience.

He was asked a variety of questions, ranging from the political, like how to protect the rights of people in old Dutch colonies, to the more lighthearted, such as why there aren't more sci-fi films featuring black characters. Lee responded with characteristic wit and candor, surprising the audience with his frankness and humor. “I rather make movies about characters that live and walk amongst us”.

Despite the playful nature of some of the questions, Lee also provided valuable advice for aspiring filmmakers in the audience. He encouraged us to work together, to use our phones to make films, and not to wait for others to make our dreams come true. He emphasized that we should take our future into our hands and create opportunities for ourselves. This was the moment that really sparked my excitement to do more with filmmaking.
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