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Eating Disorders

One of the problems when you’re trying to heal is how others view and judge what and how you’re eating. When you’re trying to eat healthy, others often see it as too rigid. They may even label it orthorexia, which you can read about in detail in Brain Saver. This can make someone feel like they have an eating disorder when they’re just trying to eat foods that can help them heal.

As I share in Brain Saver, “The irony is that all the people who seem normal actually normalize dysfunctional eating and have eating disorders themselves. They don’t eat correctly. No one has ever been taught what our brain and body need, what foods our organs need, what foods to eat for our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. We’re left to our own demise. In order to heal, you have to get your foods figured out. You have to understand your foods and get them in order. When your foods are in disorder, that’s when you get an eating disorder.”

There are unknown causes of eating disorders, which are important to understand, that I share in Brain Saver. Also, eating disorders, or what can seem like eating disorders, can develop after experiencing certain symptoms, such as tightness of the throat, gut problems, trouble swallowing, and more, as you adapt your food due to your symptoms. Eating disorders is a big topic, which is why there’s a whole chapter on them in Brain Saver. Find out more in Medical Medium Brain Saver and Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

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Inspiration from hollyhawaiii ❤️

I spent the duration of my 20’s with crippling social anxiety because of my acne. For most people in their 20’s, that’s the most social time of their life. For me, those years were spent hiding from the world. So embarrassed. So ashamed. The constellations of purple cysts & welts spread all over my face & down my neck were as painful as they were humiliating. There were times I could barely leave the house without having a panic attack. I would say yes to invitations with the best of intentions, only to cancel last minute because my anxiety would swallow me whole. The invitations eventually stopped, understandably. I lost friends. I shut many people out. It was the loneliest time of my life & I honestly thought it would be like that forever.

I’m sharing this because things can change. They can change drastically. For me, this happened when I found the answers to the root cause of my acne from @medicalmedium & how to heal it. I applied it all & it worked when nothing else did. Having an open mind & heart to that information not only cleared up my skin but it had a ripple effect on every area of my life. Everything got a stellar upgrade.

When Hanalei was 4 weeks old, I set an intention to attract some like minded friends into my life. I was ready for my village. As the months went on, they started to pop into my life one by one. Last week I brought them all together. It was the first time I have ever hosted anything in my life. We all bonded over healthy food, flowers, & the cutest Keiki you ever did see. Even just a year ago, i could have never done something like that. It felt like such a full circle moment. I am so grateful to be experiencing the richness of friendship & community after so many years without it.

This is what the power of real ANSWERS to the root cause of your ailments can have on your life. They are the key that will set you free. They are the roots that ground you & give you the courage, strength & determination to do what it takes to heal. I have so much love, respect, & gratitude for someone MM I have never met. Sharing this part of my journey with others is my way of saying THANK YOU
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