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Meagan O’Nan


Author of Held And Free Speaker Vulnerable Storyteller www.meaganonan.com/books

“I’m not a fan of memoir, but this one took my breath away and held my attention to the end. Meagan tells the story with such open honesty, revealing years of emotional trauma and also her deepest thoughts and challenges. Her determination to be true to herself and also show respect and compassion to those who did not give that to her is remarkable. Underlying it all, we see the development of a deep faith written with the skill of a gifted storyteller.”

“Meagan’s book is such an honest look at her own life story. Humans are humans - deep down we are all pretty much the same - and any human reading this book will be able to see themselves in Meagan’s descriptions of her struggles, her challenges, and her path to forgiveness and peace through storytelling. She is deeply honest about her process, so that you don’t need to dig through anything to see yourself there, and her process for finding peace is so simple and can be adopted by anyone. It should be, in fact: peace begins with each one of us. I highly, highly recommend this book.”

“I just can’t recommend this book enough. Meagan’s style of writing pulls me in, making me feel as if she’s sitting next to me telling me her story. She is a brave soul, and her writing makes me examine my own life, opinions, and situations in life. I knew I would enjoy this book, and waited to read it until I had a weekend free of other obligations so that I could read until I finished. Meagan has written previous books, and she’s on a very short list of authors whose books I actually keep and reread.”

Get your copy today: meaganonan.com/books

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@Eliot Marshall is one of my favorite people. I so enjoyed this conversation on his podcast, The Blueprint. We talked about a lot - but this take is about how we both identify spiritually. #heldandfree #storytelling #podcast #gobeyondlabel #inspiration #theblueprint #eliotmarshall
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