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Meaden Sales


Precision Machining metal & plastic since 1939! We are hiring! Join us!

Screw machines (also referred to as automatic lathes) -machine precise hard materials (different metals and plastics). The lathe can achieve this with the use of cutting tools known as tool bits. Screw machines use common operations including threading and broaching to produce simple to complex parts.
The types of Screw machines:
• Single Spindle screw machines are used to produce one part at a time. These were the original screw machines which took longer to use as it only ran one part at a time.
• Multiple spindle screw machines produce a higher volume of parts than the Single spindle. The multiple machines can have anywhere from 4 to 8 spindles and are usually fully automated.
• Automatic Chucker is similar to the single and multiple but can handle much larger sizes. This machine is becoming outdated due to the advent of the advancing CNC machines. • Turret Lathes is similar to the single and multiple spindles but has an added benefit of an indexable tool holder. This allows the machine to automatically change out tool bits. This will speed up the machining process and lessens the number of times the operation has to change tools.
• CNC (Screw)Machines is differentiated from the other screw machines as it is controlled by a computer. These are fully automated and ran by a computer program which produces the parts more accurately and quickly.

For higher volume parts, the most economic choice may be your average Screw Machines with multiple spindles.

We are looking for screw machinist trainees and experienced machinists!
Email your resume at apply at meaden.com

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