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Beyond Stuttering


Go Beyond Stuttering with The McGuire Programme

The McGuire Programme- Beyond Stuttering with Chris Meade. “Since I can remember I have had this stutter, been to speech therapy in my early years but that never worked when I was around 10 I went on a residential course that worked for a few years but the support wasn’t there so I slipped back to my old ways at one point in my life I just was so embarrassed and the shame of not being able to get the words out I would write them down… of course that never helped my speech in any form but it got me out of that situation. Then going to school and saying my name Chris was a massive problem and reading out in class was always a massive problem. Now fast forward august 16th 2023 (at the age of 53 )I started my journey this is the day I changed my speaking life for ever. I can now speak out in a crowd and get involved in zoom meeting in the past I would avoid these but putting thing in the way like going sick no signal etc the list goes on and on…
But after my first course this has changed me and the rest of my family I am not scared to face my fears. I face these head on thanks to the McGuire programme and the fantastic coaches
The little quote I like to remind myself is “my car has only got forward gears no more going back anymore”…How you can stop your stammer controlling your life 🗣️💪🏼💙 https://www.mcguireprogramme.com
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