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Michael Brandvold


Cohost of the podcasts Music Biz Weekly and Three Sides of the Coin about KISS.



Seeing KISS 💋 Film the Live Concert at Magic Mountain #kiss #magicmountain #kissarmy

We are joined by the entire team from MoneyBag Sodas, Paul Janik, John Janik, Chris Haick, and Larry Basham from Hammock Cove in Antigua. We quickly discover that Larry attended the KISS filming at Magic Mountain for KISS Meets The Phantom when he was only seven years old. Larry shares what he remembers of the filming. We all talk about what we each thought of KISS Meets The Phantom when it first aired. MoneyBag Sodas talks about selling one million bottles, what new flavors are being worked on.

Watch at www.ThreeSidesoftheCoin.com

#kiss #kissarmy #threesidesofthecoin #teamkiss #genesimmons #paulstanley #petercriss #acefrehley #podcast #tommythayer #ericsinger
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