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Mayling Ng


Actor ⚔️🎬 The Suicide Squad Wonder Woman Scorpion King Lady Bloodfight

Happy Halloween 🎃
#tonkapit 🐶
Costume from @scorpionkingmovie @universalpictures movie #khensa
A new me…..
I did a #e
#explant couple of weeks ago with davidrankinmd who found my right implant had ruptured and the left implant was intact but shifted up to my left armpit….probably from my years of intense training 😲
I was warned I will be
flat as a Pancake (but that’s ok 👍 I like pancakes 🥞) or even concave for a few months as my chest plate was under immense pressure as my implants was underneath the muscle for over a decade, but will eventually reform to its natural shape. As a former figure bikini competitor where symmetry is essential this would have bothered me. However at this point of my life, living in LA and especially the last year of finding greater self acceptance and practicing self love, I’m giving myself a bloody break ✌️I can still be my warrior self in film 🎥 , form and in life ⚔️

I was over the tightness and the feeling like my breasts were on fire! All The Time!
I don’t know how to explain other than my breasts just felt angry😡😡
I actually had a few consultations over the last few years and even last year in LA I was not only told not to explant but just to get new implants but go bigger to suit my wide shoulders - that consultation was a waste of time and $350 😢

🙏Thankful for
davidrankinmd who is the king of #exp#explantsurgery worth the trip to Florida to do my explant and recovery ❤️‍🩹

Thank you to the wonderful dee.hicks_explant_liaison ❤️who coordinated like a rockstar and pulled me in for the next cancellation with Dr Rankin 🙌

My full explant journey is on my YouTube!
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