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Wagyu Tallow Dry Aged Lamb…

This cook combined a few interesting techniques and it felt like there was a LOT that could have gone wrong. I’ve never seasoned something prior to a tallow/butter dipped dry age and I questioned how the protein would react with the salt beneath the layer of fat. But at the end of the day, I couldn’t believe how well this one turned out…

For the seasoning step I used McCormick 
@Grill Mates Smoked Paprika & Onion with Garlic & Pepper. It pairs well with every protein and is also one of my favorites on roasted potatoes. In this experiment, the salt and seasoning flavors fully penetrated the lamb shoulder and helped develop incredible color.

Cooking the lamb with the fat casing still on also worked phenomenally. The color came out great, and it provided a liquid wagyu fat tray that was perfect for basting.

Ultimately, the flavor and texture came out excellent and this one has certainly inspired more possibilities!
#mccormickpartner #ad #lambshoulder #lamb #dryaged #dryaging
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