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Matcha Yu Tea


Blending a love of Matcha & Japan Melbourne, Australia www.matchayutea.com

Dull bitter Matcha Green Tea? 🍵You won’t find it here!

#1 priority is to bring you delicious smooth tasting Matcha to enjoy, just like it is in Japan! 🍃

We wouldn’t offer anything but the best and even a whole panel of @goldenleafawards judges agree with us!

You too can enjoy our Everday Matcha…the 2022 1st prize winner for Matcha in the Commercial Grade category. 🏆

From farm to cup, this tea is ready to energise you and become a cherished part of your daily ritual.

Are you ready to drink the good stuff? Drop a 🍵 emoji below if you are! ⬇️

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Want to know 3 key reasons why Matcha beats coffee for energy? 💪Then keep reading...⬇️

1⃣L-Theanine Content: Matcha contains a unique amino acid called L-theanine, which works in synergy with caffeine. L-theanine promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness, reducing the jitters and crashes commonly associated with caffeine in coffee. This results in a more calm and focused energy boost.

2⃣Slow Release of Caffeine: Matcha provides a gradual and sustained release of caffeine due to its natural composition and the presence of L-theanine. This means you get a more even, longer-lasting energy lift compared to the rapid spike and subsequent crash often experienced with coffee.

3⃣No Energy Slumps: Coffee consumption can lead to a noticeable energy slump once the initial caffeine effect wears off. In contrast, Matcha’s combination of caffeine and L-theanine helps maintain alertness without the roller-coaster ride of energy and fatigue.

Do you drink coffee for energy? Or are you on board the Matcha train? Drop a ☕️ or 🍵 emoji below ⬇️

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Hands up if you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster ride of life? 🙌🏻

That you can never get ahead of your never ending To-Do list or find it hard to grab a moment in your day just for YOU? 🤔

I hear you! 💕Life moves fast and most of us are just trying to keep our heads above water. It’s hard work! 😥

I guess what I’ve been learning of late is that there will ALWAYS be lots of do in a day and generally speaking, our society operates in such a fast paced way, we feel we have to stay on that hamster wheel of life to keep up with it all.

But …we alone are in control of how we choose to approach the busyness.

Particularly how we choose start each day can set us up for chaos or calm! 🧘‍♀️

What if I told you that just taking a few minutes out to make yourself a cup of tea with no distractions would help? 🍵

The ritual of making a Matcha Tea can help you:

✔️slow down and reflect

✔️take a moment for gratitude

✔️appreciate the simple things

✔️stop looking at your phone and just be. Stare out the window into nothing (remember when we used to do that? 😜)

You can even close your eyes and imagine you are sitting in an ancient temple overlooking a zen garden. I do! ⛩️

Notice your heart rate decreasing, your breathe slowing

Creating a simple Matcha morning ritual does wonders for me and its the way I cope with whatever life throws my way 💪

Does this resonate with you? Drop a “YES” below if it does! ⬇️

#matcha #matchalatte #matchamelbourne #melbournecafe #melbournecafes #melbournefoodie #melbournefood #melbournefoodies #matchaaustralia
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