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Amy Gorin


add a media/brand partnership income stream to your biz to earn 6 figures+

💡I want to talk to you about the switch that you need to flip to make money this year. ⁠

Undoubtedly, you possess an incredible platform, extensive knowledge, and remarkable brilliance that you're eager to share with the world.⁠

💸However, if your goal is to monetize all of this into 6 figures or multi-6 figures...⁠that's where I step in!⁠ ⁠

✔️In my Master the Media Coaching Program, I teach you how to niche.⁠

✔️I teach you how to form media and brand partnership connections so you can earn 6 figures or multi-6 figures.⁠ And I make those connections FOR YOU.⁠

✔️And I teach you how to protect yourself legally when you’re landing endorsement deals so you don’t make mistakes that cost you 100s of thousands of dollars or sign your whole life away unknowingly.⁠

You get all of this in the Master the Media Coaching Program. Enroll now: masterthemedia.co/course

But act fast! Our special Black Friday Sale ends soon. I hope you invest in yourself and join us.⁠ ⭐️⁠

Amy⁠ 💋⁠

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Hey you guys! Master the Media Coaching Program coach Samantha is taking over our feed this morning!⁠

Today, we're delving into the question: when is it OK to share content for free on your Instagram? 🤔⁠

Consider this scenario: A brand sends you a product. Typically, there's no prior commitment from you to post anything for free.⁠

While there may be instances where sharing for free is acceptable, it's essential to recognize the value your endorsement holds for brands as an expert with influence.⁠

👏 Rather than engaging in unpaid work, I encourage you to learn how to set your services and charge what you’re worth!⁠

We go into this in detail in the Master the Media Coaching Program, and Amy and I answer all of your questions in the program’s weekly coaching calls and also in the private Facebook community.⁠

And special launch pricing––$600 off––for the program ends TONIGHT at 11:59 pm PST. You won’t see the price this low again this year, and prices will increase in 2024.⁠

I hope you join us for this incredible program 👉️Masterthemedia.co/course

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I want to talk about something I get a lot of questions about, which is rate cards. ⁠

When you’re talking with a brand about working with them in a partnership, they might ask you to send your rate card.⁠

🛑But here's the catch: You should never, EVER do this!⁠

Here’s why. ⁠

When you share your rate card, the brand can cherry-pick what they want from you. They might opt for just 1 Instagram post and story, and 1 blog post. And that's it. ⁠

My recommendation is to create custom packages for brands instead. This approach allows you to offer them so much more and provide greater value to the brand. ⁠

This can lead to more work together, which means a larger-paying partnership. 🚀⁠

So, instead of settling for just 1 Instagram post, you could propose a package of 3 Instagram posts, 2 blog posts, and other additional content.⁠

This approach not only yields a higher financial return for you but also showcases better results to the brand—making them eager to continue working with you!⁠

Want to learn more about this? I’m hosting a free masterclass on how I earned $261,502.47 in media & brand partnerships in just 1 year—and how you can, too!⁠

Go to masterthemedia.co/masterclass to grab a seat before all the spots are filled.⁠

I hope to see you there!⁠

Amy⁠ 💋⁠

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EDIT: The other day, I made a mistake when posting this video––I didn’t get permission from everyone before I shared this content with you all. This serves as a reminder that we all make mistakes, and that's perfectly fine. The key is to take responsibility and rectify them.

I've privately reached out to the individual who spoke up to offer an apology. Moving forward, I'm committed to diligently verifying that I have full permission before using others' images and videos.

Have you ever made a similar mistake? Let me know in the comments, and how you resolved it.

🎤 What’s an Elevator Pitch? This question pops up in my DMs all the time! 🤷‍♀

An elevator pitch is like your personal superpower intro – it’s a turbo-charged bio that zips through the highlights of who you are in just 20-30 seconds. ⏱️✨⁠

✨ Your Elevator Pitch is your secret weapon when connecting with potential brand partners, so make it count! 🤝⁠

During my recent adventure at FNCE (the annual nutrition pro gathering), I captured some fantastic elevator pitches from my colleagues. Huge thanks to
@Janice Bissex @Chrissy and @Melissa Groves Azzar for sharing their elevator pitch wisdom! 🙌⁠

💼 Ready to master the art of networking and pitching to brands? Don’t miss out on my FREE upcoming masterclass.⁠

Reserve your spot now at masterthemedia.co/masterclass 🚀🔑💼 ⁠

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I’ve seen SO much commentary about last week’s article by The Washington Post in conjunction with The Examination, which shamed dietitian influencers.

The article took a deep dive into dietitian influencers and the ethics of both getting paid to work with brands and what happens when these RDs don’t properly disclose.

While the article made some valid points—yes, dietitian influencers should absolutely ALWAYS disclose their brand partnerships—there were a LOT of things wrong with this article.

And here’s a big one: It pretty much ignored the fact that disclosure is a 2-way street.

The brands hiring RDs should be mandating this disclosure, too. They should be checking your posts before they go live to ensure that the disclosure is clear.

I’m sad to share that over the years, I’ve had several brands come my way and ask me to NOT disclose.

This is shady. Period.

I walked away from those brands. Even if I loved the products. When my media students have been asked the same things, they’ve walked away.

I only work with brands that agree that disclosure is absolutely necessary. These brands are ethical.

To cement it in writing that we’re both on the same page, I always make sure that my brand partnership contracts have a disclosure clause.

Here’s an example from a contract that includes social media posts:

Influencer shall disclose paid partnership by using branded content tool as available and add ad/sponsored where appropriate otherwise. Disclosure needs to be at the beginning or end of the post. Branded content tool should tag brand on Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s an example from a contract that includes media interviews:

Disclosure. In all of Spokesperson’s communications via any means of mass communication, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television or the Internet (collectively, the “Media”) or consumers relating to the services provided hereunder, Spokesperson shall inform the Media and consumers that Spokesperson is acting as a paid Spokesperson on behalf of Company. Spokesperson and Company shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the type of services to be rendered hereunder.

Of course, I’m not an attorney so I always encourage you to have a contract attorney do a once over of any contract that you sign.

Questions? Grab a spot in my free upcoming masterclass on working with brands. We’ll have a live Q&A! masterthemedia.co/masterclass


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A big topic of discussion this week in the media RD community: ethics and disclosure. 🤔⁠

Maybe you saw the article by The Washington Post in conjunction with The Examination. The article took a deep dive into dietitian influencers and the ethics of both getting paid to work with brands and what happens when these RDs don’t properly disclose.⁠

I have LOTS that I could say about this article. For one, I don’t think it’s a fair representation AT ALL about dietitians working with brands. ⁠

The majority of us—and this is what I teach my students in my Master the Media Coaching Program—are extremely cautious and ethical about taking money from brands and sharing their messages on social media.⁠

But we can’t ignore that the article brought up some very important points about ethics and disclosure. And that many experts with influence are not properly disclosing to their audiences. Transparency is key, my friends.⁠

And so I want to share the most important things to consider when working with brands and being transparent with your audience.⁠

1️⃣ Do a gut check before saying yes. Does the brand and its messaging align with your values as a dietitian? Is it a product you would eat yourself, feed to your family, and recommend to clients? Then do your research: Make sure you there’s scientific research to back up anything you’re sharing. ⁠

2️⃣ Disclose your relationship with the brand. On IG, this means adding a “branded partnership” tag and tagging the brand in both the tag and the caption. You should use the haahtag “ad” within the first line or two of your caption.⁠

3️⃣ Double and triple disclose! It’s better to be safe than sorry. So put your disclosure in ALL the places followers might see it: in the partnership tag, in the caption, and in your hashtags. Use a phrase such as “I’m partnering with X brand…” within your first few lines of captions. Disclose in any IG story shares, too.⁠

Questions? Grab a spot in my free upcoming masterclass on working with brands. We’ll have a live Q&A! masterthemedia.co/masterclass


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As a media dietitian, it’s really important for me to take care of my skin. 💁‍♀️ ✨

This is why I love
@nowfoodsofficial ’s facial oils.

I use the Soothing Rose Facial Cleansing Oil to hydrate my skin while I remove my makeup. It’s especially gentle at removing eye makeup, even mascara.

Then I add additional hydration with the Nourish Facial Oil. My skin is always on the dry side, and this oil is great for providing an intense hydration boost. I use it on clean skin
and put my makeup on top!

You can also use the Balance Facial Oil, which is great at hydrating and especially awesome for irritated skin. You can also use it under makeup.

It’s SO easy to apply my makeup when my skin is happy and hydrated.

Want to try these items for yourself? Use code AMYGORIN for 20% off at

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